Thank you for your interest in becoming a Juliana Haygert Review Team Member!

Please continue reading CAREFULLY to see if you qualify before filling out the form (link below). Incomplete or wrong information will result in your application being deleted.

Please note I am only accepting a limited amount of new ARC reviewers at this time. Filling out this form in its completion DOES NOT guarantee you will be added to the list. I will email those I select personally.

By filling out this form you are agreeing to be added to my ARC reviewing list. If/when you request an ARC for a specific title you are agreeing to READ the book and POST an honest review to your preferred place of purchase (Amazon, B&N, etc.) and Goodreads (if you have a GR account). Your review should go up within 4 DAYS of the title being released. If you do not have time to post in that length of time, please DO NOT request an ARC.

If you are selected to join this list each ARC you receive will be delivered via Instafreebie as a CERTIFIED ARC COPY. This means it will be digitally watermarked for my protection. If you are not familiar with Instafreebie here is link where you can check them out and create a free account:



To be eligible to join this list, you must have left a review for at least ONE of my paranormal novels in the past and the review MUST have been rated for FOUR STARS OR HIGHER.

PS: If you want to be on the list and haven’t read and/or review any of my titles yet, check out at vendors – I have a couple of free titles around (Tested, Into the Darkest Fire and Secret Santa).

Once you are on the ARC list you will remain on the list unless you:
A) Tell me you would like to be removed.
B) Request no title to review during the length of a year.
C) Do not review titles on time.

Again, I am only accepting a limited amount of reviewers at this time. If you are not selected, there is always next time!

Thank you for your continued support,


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