Into the Darkest Fire

Genre: YA/NA Fantasy
Word Count: 4,000
Release date: Sept 05, 2014
Cover: Sweet ‘N Spicy

In early 1500s, seventeen year-old Arianna founded the White Sisterhood, a powerful coven for the good witches hiding from the Brotherhood. But the Brotherhood doesn’t want any witches alive, not even good ones. Since she’s the most powerful of all, Arianna is high on their list.

While the witchhunts burn through Europe, Arianna works with a king, helping him to make his kingdom peaceful and strong again. In return, he promised to protect her against the Brotherhood.

Into the Darkest Fire is a FREE short-story about the Arianna’s death.


Set 500 years after Into the Darkest Fire, The Midnight Test is a novella featured in the collection Midnight Kiss: Four New Adult Paranormal Romances, releasing October 1st.


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