Last week, I posted My 2014 Plan – my general wants and “resolutions.” Now I’m going to talk about upcoming books …

I wrote and re-wrote this post so many times because I couldn’t make up my mind about what I was going to write this year. I have too many ideas and I want to rewrite my first three manuscripts (because the stories are great, but the writing sucked lol), I won’t be ever able to write everything I want to, even if I live to be 100 years old — the lack of stories is NEVER the case. Anyway …

Then I wrote a huge post explaining all the reasoning behind my choices (the ones I scratched and the ones I’m keeping) … but I decided to spare you of my insanity.

Anyway, after a lot of head banging and lots of f-words exploding in my mind, here’s my new, tentative calendar:


  • Jan 20th – release of Cup of Life (which is ready)
  • March 3rd – release of Playing Pretend (which is on the editing stage)
  • June – release of Breaking Fences (Bia’s story – companion of Breaking the Reins)
  • September – release of The Everlasting Circle, thus completing my fantasy trilogy.
  • December – release of Breaking the [insert word here] (Ricardo’s story – companion of Breaking the Reins) – and maybe a holiday short too, if I can write it.*


*Beside the extra holiday short, there’s one contemporary story that has been hammering in my mind for the last few weeks … it would be an older NA thing, sexier than my usual stories, and it would probably be a 2-book series. IF I can, I’ll squeeze this one in my calendar – but only if I don’t screw my other deadlines …


There you have it. My 2014 writing calendar. Doesn’t look too bad, does it?


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Playing Pretend banner

Nereyda from YA Bound Book Tours is organizing the blog tour of Playing Pretend.

The books releases March 3rd and the blog tour will run from March 10th to March 14th. If you want to participate, you can sign up here.




Soul Oath (The Everlast Trilogy #2) has been out for 3 weeks now, and soon I’ll release the #2.5 novella, Cup of Life.

My friend Giselle from Xpresso Book Tours is organizing a book blitz from Jan 20th to the 24th. You can help me out by clicking here and signing up for it.



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Happy New Year!


For two years, I’ve been posting My [insert year here] Plan – I got the idea from Jani Grey, a very good friend of mine :)

I like that because it’s not like a resolution, where you feel obligated to accomplish everything and if you fail, you feel really bad. A plan is just that, a plan of your WANTS. It can work or not, but you’re working toward it – and it can change and adapt as it goes.


Before I dive in My 2014 Plan, let’s revise My 2013 Plan:

1. Read at least 60 books. Done! I wish I had read as much as 2012 (77 books), but I’m not sad with 60 …

2. Go to at least one conference. I went to BEA and met a lot of great peeps. I also participated of a signing (Stamford Author Event) and it was great.

3. Write more. I wrote 3 novels and a novella, adding to a little under 300,000 words.

4. Find at least one more reliable CP. And maybe a beta-reader or two. I did find them, but I don’t use them too much anymore.

5. Write reviews on Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes and Noble for the books I read and enjoy. Not Barnes and Noble, but I do review books on Goodreads and Amazon – even if it’s only one sentence.

6. Spend less time on Social Media. Hmm, yeah, let’s skip this one …

7. Publish at least 2 books. Done. I’ve published 3 novels and a novella!

8. Continue researching about what is best for me and my writing: I did, and still do. With the market always changing, it’s hard to make finite choices. And at this point, I wouldn’t advise it.

9. Participate on all rounds of ROW80. Fail. I started, but with moving and a lot of other stuff, I started posting less and less, until I didn’t participate anymore.

10. Keep going to the gym, lose  5 or 6 pounds and keep them off! Yes and no. At first, I lost 5 pounds! Then we moved and I hurt my back and had to rest for 3 months – I gained 10 lbs :(

11. Eat healthier. Not sure if this is a yes or no. I think I ate better, but not completely healthier …

12. Be more present. To my family. I think this was okay. There were times when I spaced-out thinking about my stories, but I think I’m pretty good mom and wife ;)


Now, for MY 2014 Plan:

1. Read at least 60 books. I do hope to read more than that …

2. Write more. I wrote almost 300,000 words last year, but I want to write MORE! (I’ll blog about my upcoming books on a  separate post).

3. Keep meeting with my great writing group. :D

4. Spend less time on Social Media. So I can write more.

5. Publish at least 3 books. I have plans to publish 5, but I know life can interfere and things can slow down.

6. Continue researching about what is best for me and my writing:  to self-pub, to continue with a small press, or to query agents. Or maybe the three of them?

7. Keep exercising, lose at least 5 to 8 pounds and keep them off! Enough said.


Ugh, my 2014 plan looks so little compared to my 2013 plan, but I think some of it is because I’ve been constantly doing some of the things from my 2013 plan (like reviewing books on amazon and goodreads) and I don’t need to repeat them …


In 2013, I saw on a few friends’ blogs (AlexKatyElodie and Ghenet) about The Word of the Year. My Word of the Year of 2013 was LOVE – and it was perfect.

For 2014, my word is:



Strength to go after my dreams, to do what I want, to write what I want and not care about what might fit the market, to publish the way I want (and take as long as I need to do so), to be brave and bold!


How about you? What are your WANTS for 2014? And what’s your Word of the Year?


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Hey guys!

I’m going down south to visit some friends during the holidays and I’ll probably be away until Jan 2nd or 3rd (or 4th or 5th if depends on our friends lol), which means no blog posts and not a lot of online interaction until I’m back.

(How I’m going to survive without twitter and pinterest for over a week? AAHHHHH! lol)

So …





I’ll see you in 2014!


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