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Welcome to the Facebook Hop to celebrate the release of the Creatures boxed set. This hop runs from 10th-20th August 2017, which is plenty of time for you to visit all FIFTY of the Facebook pages, see what the prizes are, and maybe do a little something for the chance to enter to win. Each Creatures related post will be pinned at the top of the Facebook page you’re visiting, so it will be very easy to find. In case you’re lost, here is the running order of the hop posts.

Brave enough? Dive in.


But, before you hop anywhere, Creatures is available to buy HERE


Juliana Haygert
Gina Wynn
Leigh Anderson
Lily Luchesi
Kyoko M
Lexi ostrow
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Joynell Schultz
Veronica Song
Bianca D’Arc
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Linnea Alexis
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shelique lize
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The Flock
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A K Michaels
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Hidden Book Series
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Erzabet Bishop
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Amy Wolf
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Always Write Club
S.M. Blooding
Arizona Tape


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Gypsy Heart Cover Reveal


Hi friends,


Ah! I can finally share!
The beautiful, stunning cover of


The great Ravven worked on this beauty! <3



She’s no ordinary gypsy …

If twenty year old Mirella could just pretend she wasn’t a gypsy for one second, maybe her life wouldn’t suck. But turning off her enhanced sixth sense isn’t something she can do.

When she’s attacked by mysterious masked men, questions and fear rise. And the answers probably lie with Mirella’s mother, the same woman who she hasn’t spoken with in over a year. Their reencounter is unpleasant, as is learning the truth that Mirella is more than just a gypsy.

She’s a Tzigane, a line of very powerful gypsies, and because she doesn’t live in a secured enclave, she’s an easy target for the Alchemists—a group obsessed with Tzigane’s magic.

Her mother and two enemy enclaves fight to teach her how to control her magic, when all Mirella wants is to go to college and go out with the guy she’s crushing on—while ignoring the trail of bodies amassing around her.

But living free brings danger to her friends’ lives, and Mirella will have to choose between continuing to pretend to be normal or letting her inner power take over to engage in a century old battle where the price might be her own life.



**First published with Creatures boxed set on Aug 15th 2017.**
You can pre-order the boxed set now:

Amazon US | Nook | Kobo | iBooks | Google Play 


This book will be published by itself early 2018. It’s the first of a new series, so watch out for other books coming soon! :)






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I’m participating of 5 promos and giveaways right now!

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Welcome to Willow Harbor!



Strange neighbors. Hidden Desires. Small-town Charm.

Welcome to Willow Harbor, where everyone has a secret.

What’s yours?




You guys remember Midnight Kiss, right? A limited edition anthology of Paranormal Romance novellas that Sarra Cannon, Alyssa Rose Ivy, Jennifer Snyder and I put together for Halloween 2014?

Well, we enjoyed working together so much that for quite sometime now we’ve been talking about doing another project together … then at the end of last year, during a google hangout, the new idea came to life!

We present to you:



A series of New Adult Paranormal Romance novels coming to you starting this Fall!

We’ll have more details coming your way soon – including the blurb and the book covers. For now, you can add our books to your goodreads TBR list:

Book 1: Shifter’s Fate by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Book 2: Vampire’s Descent by Jennifer Snyder

Book 3: Hunter’s Revenge by Juliana Haygert

Book 4: Triton’s Curse by Sarra Cannon


Check out our awesome website:


And join us on our Facebook Group where we’ll talk all things Willow Harbor! Also, there’s a giveaway waiting for you there! :)




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