The Everlasting Circle is here!


Hi friends!


Finally! The Everlasting Circle is out!

I confess there were times when I thought I would never finish this book. But now it’s done and it’s out and I can breathe easier!

Check below the book details and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!


THE EVERLASTING CIRCLE (The Everlast Trilogy #3)

Genre: NA FantasyTEC - Everlast #3
Word Count: 70,000
Warning: strong language, sex scene
Release date: June 27th 2016
Cover: Okay Creations

This is the 3rd book on The Everlast Trilogy. May contain spoilers of the previous books:

The war is approaching and the time to find enough allies for an army is running out. As is Nadine’s life.

Though Micah would love to spend more time trying to find a solution for Nadine’s impeding death, she would rather focus on strategies to win the war. With a new hero, a new god, and new abilities, Nadine starts to believe they might actually have a chance to chase the darkness away from the world.

Until betrayal drags them back to step zero.

Lost and angry, Nadine almost gives up. Almost. Her time on this Earth might be ending, but she has too much to do before she’s ready to die. Against all odds, Nadine will keep fighting to win the war until her very last breath.

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Hope you enjoy it! :)




YA Buccaneers Spring Bootcamp


Hi friends,

I kinda love challenges. Last month, I won CampNaNo, and when Ghenet, a good friend of mine, mentioned she and other writers are hosting a bootcamp from May 1st to June 30th, I was very interested.


So, I joined the YA Buccaneers Spring Bootcamp exciting challenge and here are my goals:

  • finish line-edits on The Everlasting Circle (The Everlast Trilogy, book 3) and send them back to my editor by the end of the week.
  • finish revising Breaking Through (The Breaking Series, book 3) by the deadline (May 23rd) and send it to my editor for content editing.
  • finish writing the first draft of my NA fantasy tentatively titled The Energy Within – I already have 32k word written so it shouldn’t take too long now.


I know it seems a lot, but I know it’s doable.

We have private groups on Facebook for support and also on twitter. And we’re using the hashtag #YABspring2016 on twitter and instagram – check us out!

So, why don’t you join us?






Hello friends,


I know I’m still very quiet online, so I just wanted to give you guys an update of how are things around this side of the computer.

My baby is 14 months old now and she’s very active! She’s still very attached to me, which makes writing hard. Thankfully, she naps twice a day, for about 2-2.5 hours (combined) which gives me time to write/revise, etc … And most nights, after both my daughters are in bed, I’m able to squeeze another 1 hour of writing/revising.

Because my free time is limited at the moment, I haven’t been online much – not here, not on twitter, not on facebook. I do post a couple of pics a week on Instagram and that goes to twitter and facebook, but it’s not the same. (By the way, are you following me on instagram? Click here to do so!) I try using my free time wisely and that means I spend it writing or revising only … Hopefully, I’ll be able to come back to my normal schedule and be a little bit more present online soon.

As for my books, I finished writing Breaking Through (Breaking #3) in January, and finished writing The Everlasting Circle (Everlast #3) in February. I already did one round of revisions on Everlast #3 and it’s now with my editor for the first round of editing (she should send it back to me by the end of this week). After I’m done doing whatever needs to be done for Everlast #3, I’ll send it back to my editor, then I’ll focus on revising Breaking #3 so I can get it ready to send it out to my editor too.

If all goes accordingly to my plans, I should be able to release both books during Summer (Everlast #3 in July and Breaking #3 in August).

In between revisions and sending this manuscript to one side and the other manuscript to the other side, I’m outlining a new book which I hope will also be released this year, but probably closer to the end of the year.

And that’s it for now!

See you guys soon!




The Breaking Series Promo!


Hi friends!

Last week I finished writing Breaking Through! I still have to revise it, then send it to my editor for 2-3 passes of edits, so it’ll still be 3-4 months before it’s published, but to celebrate the end of the drafting part, I decided to do a promo with Breaking Free and Breaking Away!




Breaking FreeAmazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks | Google Play

Breaking AwayAmazon | B&N | Kobo iBooks | Google Play


If you haven’t started this series, now is your chance to catch up before Breaking Through hits the stores!



My 2016 Plan


Hello friends!


In the past, I posted about my plans for the year (click here to see the posts for 2012, 2013, 2014-1 and 2014-2).

I got that idea from my friend Jani Grey. If I’m not mistaken, on her first post about it, she mentioned that having resolutions sounded too “set on stone” and when you can’t achieve your resolution, the failing feeling hits you hard. But having a plan, with wants is a better idea, easier on the mind. Also, the list included not only writing/publishing wants, but personal ones too. I agreed, and still agree, and this is why I’m posting my plan for this year below.

Note that I don’t have a post for 2015 … because my baby girl was born in January and I knew I would dedicate most of my time to her. I knew I wouldn’t publish any book in 2015, and barely write. So I didn’t even create a plan, other than to raise my baby girl and spend time with the oldest too.


Okay, so on with my 2016 plan:

1. Read at least 52 books. One per week. Though, I do hope to read more than that …

2. Write more. I wrote too little in 2015 – in fact, I only wrote again in Nov and Dec, but I’ve been doing pretty well since then. I hope to keep it up!

3. Spend a little more time on Social Media. For 2014, I posted I wanted to spend LESS time on social media. Wish granted. I’ve been pretty absent in all social media. Even pinterest, which I used to love, haven’t seen a new pin from me in months.

4. Publish at least 3 books. Two of them are almost done and almost ready for my editor – hopefully I’ll be able to publish them both before July …the third one (and more) are still on the limbo. I have too many ideas, I have yet to come up with a schedule for all of them and – the tricky part – stick to it.

These are the first two books I’ll publish this year (finally):

BTebookTEC - Everlast #3



How about you? What are your WANTS for 2016?


Happy 2016!


I wish to you and your loved ones…

2015-12-16 23.58.56





Writing 300 Words Everyday – Part II


Hello friends!

Remember a month ago when I posted about being in huge writing funk, then I found a quote by Stephen King and immediately went on to follow it? That first post was about my progress during the month of Nov while following that advice.

This post right here is to tell you about my progress during the month of December.

I’ve wrote EVERY DAY during the month of December. I didn’t even miss on my birthday, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. And, because to me writing is addicting, I usually wrote more (and sometimes way more) than just my daily goal of 300 words.

Here’s how the month went:


Word count Dec


As you can see, it went well, even better than November. And I stuck with it. I’m proud of myself that I stuck with my plan, with the quote. And I’ll continue to do so in January, February, March … And forever, I hope.

(Though, once my baby girl starts halfday daycare, my daily word count goal will increase!)

If you are in a writing funk like I was, let this post (and the previous one) serve as an inspiration for you. 300 words is not much that it’ll disrupt your busy day, but enough to make a difference after a couple of minutes months.

I can do it, you can do it!


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