Past week movies


I finally watched Tron Legacy and I Am Number Four this past week.



I confess I was skeptical about Tron Legacy because of the first movie, from 1983. But perhaps that was the reason of my skepticism–because I watched the movie almost 27 years after its release and the technology of that time was much, much inferior.

Tron Legacy was a great movie. And I LOVED the score. Seriously. I even bought it.

Sometimes I think music is the soul of a movie. The score makes you feel … each scene needs a different music that builds up the tension and prepares the spectator. And the score of Tron Legacy was perfect. My opinion.

I also liked I Am Number Four. I thought about reading the book. I still might, but the thing that offsets me about the book is that the hero, Number Four or John Smith, is only 15 years old. Do you think I want to fall in love with a protagonist who is 15 years old? I already thought the movie, bearing a 17 year old was too young for me.

Side note: Oh, come on! Every girl falls in love with the hot guys in the books they read (or write!).

Though, if I think about it, I didn’t necessarily fell in love with Harry Potter or Percy Jackson (who was also older on the movie version), I just rooted for them. But the again, the actors weren’t as hot as Alex Pettyfer and I read the books before watching the movies …

Anyhow,  talking about Alex Pettyfer–I am dying to watch Beastly. I’m guessing it won’t be a super production, but I always enjoy a nice love story … specially ones with hot guys =P Which is why I can wait to watch Thor too! Can you believe I missed it at the theaters? Now I have to wait for the BluRay release =(

Now my never-ending list of unwatched movies has two titles crossed out … though I’m sure two more will be added soon =D



OMG! I bought print books!


For 7 months, I’ve been using Kindle, and for 7 months I’ve been reading only e-books.

I always said I love entering bookstores and smelling books and feeling the pages and covers in my hands. One of my dreams is to have a huge library in my home, with thousands of books … but I confess I haven’t thought about that much since I started reading books on Kindle.

However …

I entered a bookstore today. I’m in Brazil yet and I just like to see the titles that are available here … you see, only a few come down this way and it’s interesting to see which ones. Anyway, I ended up in the little shelf where the books are originals: in English. Hum, I was tempted.

I bought paperbacks of Graceling by Kristin Cashore, and Evernight by Claudia Gray.



I want to see how I feel reading a print copy again. I think I’ll love it. I think I’ll realize I miss print copies.

So, what does that mean?

I don’t want to abandon my Kindle–it’s practical, it carries many titles at once, and when I’m travelling it’s the best. But will I buy print copies too? Will I have some titles as e-books and others as print copies? How do I decide which one to buy?

In the same topic, that shows me the brick and mortar bookstores won’t disappear in a few years as some say. I think the need to feel and smell a physical book won’t go away. Yes, we may buy more e-versions of our preferred books, but, if my excitement over the print books I’m holding in my hands at this moment won’t fade till I’m done with them, I guess that print books won’t die that easily.

Now, let me get’s to the reading part!



What to blog about?


I’m not a good blogger. I’m not. There, I said it. Ah, in the same line: I’m not a great tweeter too!


I read many, many blogs and think about parallel topics to write about, but they all voiced out my thoughts, why will I be redundant here?

More important, I’m a shy person. A few years back, I was very sociable and talkative. I’m not like that anymore. And I feel stupid talking and talking and talking about speculative topics—though I like to read them in other blogs.


What else could I say here then?

About my personal life? I’m not really a fan of talking about me … what do you want me to tell you? That I took my daughter and my niece to see Disney on Ice last weekend? That I took my daughter to the doctor yesterday because she has been coughing for the last two weeks? That my daughter didn’t want to go to her ballet class this morning? See, it’s boring. When I’m not writing or reading, my life revolves around my daughter—and my husband, but in a smaller scale.


So, since I’m not very experience in the writing department yet, I decided to go with the “reading” route.
Each month’s end, I’ll talk about the books I read that month …

A warning: May will be filled with books about writing … but the others won’t be so much.


Occasionally, depending on what happens, I’ll blog about writing and my writing …

Talking about my writing: I received the report back from the critic on my latest manuscript and I’m very excited about it! There are a few points to work, of course, but she told me it was very good and that she loved it! Yay!


Well, soon I’ll post about the books I’ve read recently, but previous to May … Then I’ll start a monthly report about it.




Manuscript (almost) done … now what?


So, I’ve finished one more manuscript.

This is my fourth (or fifth?) manuscript since I decided to try this seriously (before I only wrote as a hobby), but by far I think it’s the best. Not because of the plot or characters, but because of my writing and its improvement.

It’s exactly like they say: the more you write, the better you get at it. It’s also true that the more you read, the better you write.

I’m hoping my next manuscript gets even better!

However, what now?

I’m musing over so many options. To revise it myself (which I’ll do regardless). To send it out for a professional critique. To send it out for a professional line-editing. To send it out for both.

More important, what to do with it after it is revised and edited? I sure want to publish it, but which route to take? I have 3 options that I can clearly see: to send out to agents, to send to small e-pubs that accept unsolicited manuscripts or to self-publish.

Now, to the advantages and disadvantages of each of them:

Get an agent: it still sounds respectful, especially if he/she can sell the manuscript to one of the big six. This path comes with professional marketing, professional covers, professional editing, professional publicists … for the most part, what I have to do here is to write. And just write. However, the royalty is low and I have no control over when it’s going to be released or about the cover.

Small e-pubs: well, they do offer higher royalties than traditional publishing. Though, your books will be only available online, so, it’ll never be available to those readers who are resisting the e-readers and want to buy the print copy. Here, there is still a team of editors, cover artists and publicists. Normally, the release date is 2 to 5 months after the signed contract.

Self-publishing:  I’m in control here, which means I’m also in control of marketing, cover and what else. I’ll have to send out for private editors, do my own cover or pay a professional to do it, I’ll earn the highest royalty around, but I’ll be able to choose when it’s released and, if I choose to release it tomorrow, so be it! The down side of this: to me, is marketing. I’m not a very talkative or extrovert person (not anymore) so, to go after people I don’t know and try to convince them of buying my book isn’t going to be fun.

Honestly, right now, I’m looking for the middle ground. I’m thinking about trying the higher-but-not-highest royalty in exchange for a little marketing and guidance.

I just hope it works and that my manuscript is accepted!

I’ll keep you all posted!




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