Hello everyone,

First, let me point you to a post I wrote on Thursday about JuNoWriMo. You probably know what it means, but go check it out ;)

I’m gonna try a new format for my check-in. Let’s see if it’s better.


  • Organize my new home and my new schedule. This is going slow since last week, when we actually did a ton of work. Most of the necessary stuff is organized, so the not-so-necessary stuff are being left for when we’re up to it, or have spare time. This week we were able to buy our cars, so now I’ll have more time for myself (since I don’t have to drive hubby to and from work) and will be able to organize my schedule, which includes gym and exercise! (see below).
  • Once my life is normal again (or almost), find a gym and exercise 3 times per week. Still not organized enough so I have that much free time. I know I should prioritize exercise more, but it’s hard to do knowing I could be writing instead. And, I have been searching and nothing really gets to me. Pilates is way too expensive and there’s nothing else I really want to do … but I found a gym with some nice-sounding exercises, so I might give it a try.
  • Participate on Crafting the Sensual Novella Workshop from April 9th to May 6th. This is going well. I haven’t turned in all assignments cause I’m not writing any novella now and have none to share, but I’m paying close attention to what’s been done and I’m commenting on assignments when I can.
  • Finish revising my novel, DESTINY GIFT. Still working on this. I finished revising what I had written before, but, because I changed a few things on the beginning of the story, I need to write a couple (more like 10 or 12) new scenes in the middle. Monday and Tuesday, I revised. Wednesday and Thursday, I wrote new scenes. Friday was busy with life stuff, so no writing =(
  • Start a new novel or novella and get as far as I can with it. Only after I finish revising DESTINY GIFT, which has been hard since many ideas are floating in my head and begging for time.
  • In June, participate of the JuNoWriMo (probably with the novel or novella mentioned on the line above). It’s not June yet ;)
  • Read 5 books each month (year total = 60). Accordingly to GoodReads, I’m on track.
  • Social network: blog at least once a week (not counting #ROW80 checkins), comment on blogs every other day, and tweet a little everyday. All done. This is never hard to accomplish =P

It’s been hard to focus on only one thing to write/revise. My mind is everywhere and since I went back to writing last week, I’ve been changing my mind constantly about what to write next. It seems I’m unable to settle on one thing. And I need to. I feel that, if I want to be serious about this writing thing, I need to be able to choose one story and stick with it until the end. I know there will be times when I change directions. I’ve stopped in the middle of manuscripts before, with 40k+ words, many times actually, but I want to avoid that. I know it’ll be impossible to avoid it 100%, but I want to stick with the things I start!

Anyway, on happier notes, this Friday hubby and I completed 8 years of a very happy marriage! And we’re able to buy our cars (nice gifts, uh?). Things are settling at our house. Still trying to organize our new routine, but we haven’t been here for a whole month yet, so I’m guessing that’s normal.

This next week I have an appointment with USCIS (applying for my SSN) and I have another appointment with the Brazilian Consulate (also for the SSN) and both are around 50 minutes from here, so, I’m betting I’ll have more non-writing days than I would like.

Let’s see what happens ;)

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Have a great week everyone!



I saw a retweet yesterday about something called #JuNoWriMo … that caught my attention instantly. After finding the JuNoWriMo twitter profile, I went to the website to learn more about it.

Here is what says on the About Us page of the website: Becca Campbell got the crazy idea of starting up her own version of a novel in a month adventure and started tweeting the idea around. Anna Howard tweeted back and Becca asked her to help, and the two of them spent some time conspiring behind locked doors to bring you what is the fresh, summery and citrus-smelling event called JuNoWriMo.”

What is JuNoWriMo exactly, you may be asking yourself … Becca has a blog post explaining all about it,  but in short, it’s just like NaNoWriMo, the only difference is that it’s in June instead ;)

That’s right, JuNoWriMo … isn’t it cool? I so wanted another of those, and here it is!

I already set up my profile on the website and signed up for it. I even put the Participant Button on my sidebar already ——>

What are you waiting for?



My lovely friend Em tagged me for the Sunshine Blog Award on her latest blog post.

I’m required to answer 10 questions, then tag 10 people to answer them too ;)

Here are the questions (and answers):

1) Favourite colour? Black. I think 80% of my clothes and shoes and accessories are black.

2) Favourite animal? Dogs as in pets, horses as in pretty thing to see (and ride!), and dolphins if I had to choose an animal to be.

3) Favourite number? Not sure. Eight, I think.

4) Favourite non-alcoholic drink? Chimarrao. Don’t know what’s that? Click here and see it on another one of my posts.

5) Facebook or Twitter? Twitter is where I spend time with my writer friends, and Facebook is where I connect with my family and friends. Kinda hard to choose from that.

6) My passion? Besides family and friends? Writing and reading …

7) Getting or giving presents? I love getting presents, of course, but I LOVE giving presents too, specially when I know the person getting the gift is gonna love what I have for her/him. Let’s say I’m too generous …

8) Favourite pattern? Hmm, tiger ones? Really, I don’t know the answer to this one.

9) Favourite day of the week? Saturday because I can relax with my family, go to the movies and out for dinner, knowing there’s still the whole Sunday after it lol

10) Favourite flower? Red roses. Cliche, I know, but I love receiving them from my hubby … and he knows that too ;)


The Sunsinhe award goes to my lovely CPs and my awesome NA sisters:

Jani Grey

Tracy Rohlfing

Ladonna Watkins

Jenny Kaczorowski

Victoria Smith

Jaycee DeLorenzo

Bailey Kelsey

Carrie Butler

Summer Lane

L.G. Kelso


If you haven’t yet, you should check my girls out. Go!



In case I ever lose my bookmarks again, I’m doing this link series. This time, it’s inspiration:


Don’t Give Up – Beth Revis

A Remind About What Really Matters - Kristan Hoffman

What If I’m Not As Good As I Think I Am 

True Grit As A Writer – Bob Mayer

Then More Shining Inspirational Exercises

Things I Know

The Self-Sabotaging Writer – Kameron Hurley

What To Look For in 2012, The Year of the Dragon

Why You Are Not Buffy But Can Be Veronica – YA Highway

Twelve Things You Were Not Taught In School About Creative Thinking

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10 Things I Wish I Would Have Done - Natalie Whipple

Over 214,00o Books Sold In First Year – Theresa Ragan

Writing Advice You’re Never Heard Before – Lauren Oliver

Need A Little Inspiration, I Have Some of That For You – Jani Grey


Hope it helps!