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You guys remember Midnight Kiss, right? A limited edition anthology of Paranormal Romance novellas that Sarra Cannon, Alyssa Rose Ivy, Jennifer Snyder and I put together for Halloween 2014?

Well, we enjoyed working together so much that for quite sometime now we’ve been talking about doing another project together … then at the end of last year, during a google hangout, the new idea came to life!

We present to you:



A series of New Adult Paranormal Romance novels coming to you starting this Fall!

We’ll have more details coming your way soon – including the blurb and the book covers. For now, you can add our books to your goodreads TBR list:

Book 1: Shifter’s Fate by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Book 2: Vampire’s Descent by Jennifer Snyder

Book 3: Hunter’s Revenge by Juliana Haygert

Book 4: Triton’s Curse by Sarra Cannon


Check out our awesome website:


And join us on our Facebook Group where we’ll talk all things Willow Harbor! Also, there’s a giveaway waiting for you there! :)




Mystery Box Giveaway!


Hello friends!

Here’s a big giveaway I’m doing just because I appreciate you guys!

Click on the IG link, or the Facebook link below, and enter!

I’ll draw a random winner on June 30th!



Impromptu giveaway! See this box? To celebrate the release of Secrets & Sorcery, I’m giving away this mystery box filled with signed books, swag and other bookish stuff to one lucky winner! International entries welcomed! All you have to do is to like and leave a comment on this post (or the Facebook one). Bonus points if you share the post! ? . I’ll choose a random winner on June 30th! Meanwhile, you can buy Secrets & Sorcery! It’s only $0.99 for a limited time, or FREE on Kindle Unlimited: . PS: Facebook and Instagram aren’t responsible for this giveaway. . #secretsandsorcery #kindleunilimited #giveaway #mysterybox #mysteryboxgiveaway #urbanfantasy #paranormalromance #awriterslife #igauthorlife #indieauthor #authorsofig #authorsofinstagram #writersofig #writersofinstagram

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Good luck!


Secrets & Sorcery is out!


Hello friends!


Today is cover and blurb reveal and release day for my first boxed set of the year!

SECRETS & SORCERY is out now!

You’ll find my novella White Witch, Dark Magic in it. WWDM is a side story in the same world of Tested, my other witches’ novella … if you liked that one, you’ll certainly like this one :)


More details below:




Prepare to fall under the spell of 17 paranormal romance and urban fantasy romance stories filled with witches, necromancers, shape-shifters, aura-readers, demons, and more!

This anthology, from today’s NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, internationally best-selling, and award-winning authors, is a wickedly fun collection promising hours upon hours of reading enjoyment.

Each story in this limited edition anthology is new and exclusive, featuring unique magical abilities and spell-binding characters you won’t soon forget!

One Click Today to start this mesmerizing adventure!

Stories include…

Felicia Beasley & Award-Winning author Amanda Pillar’s WINTER’S CURSE: For Verity Winter, raising the dead is easy. Putting them back to rest? That’s a bit trickier, especially when your only help is a grumpy hottie with trust issues.

USA Today bestselling author Lindsey R. Loucks’s BOXES BY IRENE: Irene has reached level expert at opening the unopenable, but when it comes to the box-shaped walls she’s built around her heart, only a mysterious stranger can unlock her love.

New York Times bestselling authors Margo Bond Collins & Natasha Larry’s A TOUCH OF DEATH: When a reiki master discovers her healing powers also extend to killing, she finds herself hunted by witches who want to use her in a magical war she never agreed to join.

New York Times bestselling author Monica Corwin’s A TERRIBLE MAGIC: In a world where magic takes its toll in blood, the coven who took Iris’s family, and held her hostage for a decade, unwittingly sowed in her the power to destroy them all.

USA Today bestselling author Alicia Rades’s AURA: Katie Miller has never been afraid of auras, but when the new guy at school shows up without one, Katie can’t help but wonder if he might be dangerous.

Award-Winning author Boone Brux’s HELL TO PAY: When following Satan on Twitter results in a binding contract for her soul, Faye must outsmart the dark lord in order to save her future from an eternity of damnation.

USA Today bestselling author Noree Cosper’s SUMMONING DESTINY: After a séance reveals a plot for murder, Ava must team up with a sexy warlock Inquisitor to discover the killer before she becomes the next victim.

New York Times bestselling author Catherine Vale’s CURSES & CUPCAKES: Deanna was determined never to use magic again, but when an otherworldly stranger shows up at her shop, she finds herself caught up in a recipe for mayhem and madness.

Jessica Hawke’s TANGLED TEMPEST: When a classmate accidentally drinks Audra Quinn’s untested lightning brew, Audra must tangle with raging elements, vindictive family, and an incoming hurricane to save both of their lives.

Kris Austen Radcliffe’s PICTURES OF YOU: Left broken and grief-stricken after deadly magic rips away her best friend, an alluring stranger offers seer Ellie Jones the one thing she’s never foreseen—hope.

Juliana Haygert’s WHITE WITCH, DARK MAGIC: For four years, Evelyn has been struggling to control her dark powers, but when a mysterious stranger shows up at her shop, he pulls her toward an even greater darkness.

Xandra James’s LOVE POTION #666: Accidentally summoning demons from hell with a love potion? Not. Good. But when Eliza begs her ex-love, a demon-hunter, for help, she knows it might cost her a lot more than simply being stalked by a horny devil.

Felicia Starr’s STOLEN ARROW: With her heart set on impressing the president of the most elite sorority on campus, freshman Millie Rosewood casts a forbidden spell. What could possibly go wrong with conjuring up one of Cupids arrows?

Cherita Smith’s THAT HOODOO YOU DO: When Juju’s mom works powerful conjure to keep her guitar-playing boyfriend away, Juju summons the Man at the Crossroads for help… but deals like that always cost.

Alivia Anders’s CALLED BY BLOOD: For every witch, love is cruel and chaotic. For bloodwitch Clara Hall, falling in love will destroy magic as we know it.

Ainsley Shay and Miranda Hardy’s JAGGED FEATHER: In order to regain her memory, Jasmine agrees to help the cursed witch, Naomi… a curse that puts Jasmine in the hands of a strong coven out for her blood.

Melle Amade’s RAVENSGAARD QUEEN: When Ravensgaard warrior, Davin, has her life destroyed by Hunters she seeks haven with her own shifters, but what she finds proves more dangerous than the slaughter she narrowly escaped.


Buy it now!





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