Hello friends,


I know I’m still very quiet online, so I just wanted to give you guys an update of how are things around this side of the computer.

My baby is 14 months old now and she’s very active! She’s still very attached to me, which makes writing hard. Thankfully, she naps twice a day, for about 2-2.5 hours (combined) which gives me time to write/revise, etc … And most nights, after both my daughters are in bed, I’m able to squeeze another 1 hour of writing/revising.

Because my free time is limited at the moment, I haven’t been online much – not here, not on twitter, not on facebook. I do post a couple of pics a week on Instagram and that goes to twitter and facebook, but it’s not the same. (By the way, are you following me on instagram? Click here to do so!) I try using my free time wisely and that means I spend it writing or revising only … Hopefully, I’ll be able to come back to my normal schedule and be a little bit more present online soon.

As for my books, I finished writing Breaking Through (Breaking #3) in January, and finished writing The Everlasting Circle (Everlast #3) in February. I already did one round of revisions on Everlast #3 and it’s now with my editor for the first round of editing (she should send it back to me by the end of this week). After I’m done doing whatever needs to be done for Everlast #3, I’ll send it back to my editor, then I’ll focus on revising Breaking #3 so I can get it ready to send it out to my editor too.

If all goes accordingly to my plans, I should be able to release both books during Summer (Everlast #3 in July and Breaking #3 in August).

In between revisions and sending this manuscript to one side and the other manuscript to the other side, I’m outlining a new book which I hope will also be released this year, but probably closer to the end of the year.

And that’s it for now!

See you guys soon!




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