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My 2016 Plan


Hello friends!


In the past, I posted about my plans for the year (click here to see the posts for 2012, 2013, 2014-1 and 2014-2).

I got that idea from my friend Jani Grey. If I’m not mistaken, on her first post about it, she mentioned that having resolutions sounded too “set on stone” and when you can’t achieve your resolution, the failing feeling hits you hard. But having a plan, with wants is a better idea, easier on the mind. Also, the list included not only writing/publishing wants, but personal ones too. I agreed, and still agree, and this is why I’m posting my plan for this year below.

Note that I don’t have a post for 2015 … because my baby girl was born in January and I knew I would dedicate most of my time to her. I knew I wouldn’t publish any book in 2015, and barely write. So I didn’t even create a plan, other than to raise my baby girl and spend time with the oldest too.


Okay, so on with my 2016 plan:

1. Read at least 52 books. One per week. Though, I do hope to read more than that …

2. Write more. I wrote too little in 2015 – in fact, I only wrote again in Nov and Dec, but I’ve been doing pretty well since then. I hope to keep it up!

3. Spend a little more time on Social Media. For 2014, I posted I wanted to spend LESS time on social media. Wish granted. I’ve been pretty absent in all social media. Even pinterest, which I used to love, haven’t seen a new pin from me in months.

4. Publish at least 3 books. Two of them are almost done and almost ready for my editor – hopefully I’ll be able to publish them both before July …the third one (and more) are still on the limbo. I have too many ideas, I have yet to come up with a schedule for all of them and – the tricky part – stick to it.

These are the first two books I’ll publish this year (finally):

BTebookTEC - Everlast #3



How about you? What are your WANTS for 2016?


Happy 2016!


I wish to you and your loved ones…

2015-12-16 23.58.56





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