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Hi There!


Hi friends,


What is this? Another update post in the same year? That’s a miracle! hehe

Though, I’m still failing on social media. I confess I have no patience to scroll through Twitter anymore, and Facebook can irritate me in two seconds depending on the post I stumbled across. The only thing that is still tolerable is Instagram. And maybe Pinterest, but even this last one I haven’t visited as often as before.

I’m trying to be a little better at social media, because I know a writer should interact more with other writers and readers, etc … and I do miss that but it might take me a while to actually get back into it.

Anyway, what have I been up to? Too many things, actually.

Let’s see if I can list them:

  • I just revamped Playing Pretend. I added 13k words on it, reedited, got a new cover, and uploaded the new version everywhere. I have book review tour scheduled for January. If you’re a book blogger or an avid reader who likes to share your reviews on your blog and/or social media and/or vendors website, you can participate! Follow this link to sign-up!
  • I’m finishing touch-ups on a Christmas novella that I’ll release in December. Heads up: it’ll be free!
  • I’m writing a secret new book! I’ve started it back in July, put it aside to work on other things, but now I’m back at it and I’m using NaNoWriMo to finish it.
  • I’m also working on Breaking 4. It’s going slow as I’m working on plotting it right now, but it’s going. (Though I do have 20k words written on it already!)



And these are all the things happening now. I won’t list the things to come, because 1) there are too many and 2) I change my mind constantly and the list I show you today will probably be different from the one I come up with next week.

Now tell me what is up with you?




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