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Juliana Haygert - Teaser Tuesday

Hey, look! A new feature on my blog! I mean, Teaser Tuesday is not new, but it is here :)

By the way, there’ll be another new feature here on Sunday as well … Two in one week, um?

Anyway, my plan is to post a teaser about what I’m writing or editing almost every Tuesday.

Disclaimer: since these excerpts weren’t edited it, there might be some changes (grammar and content) until the final version is released.


I’m writing the end of Breaking Fences, so why not start with it?

Here’s a snippet:


Garrett turned to me and Tom. “I should probably go to the hospital, check on Delilah,” he said, his voice low.

“Go.” Tom nudged me in the arm. “I know Bia will be a trooper and stay with me and help me out around here. Right?”

My wish was to go after Midnight, but he wasn’t my horse. What if Delilah found out I spent my free time on the waiting room of a veterinary practice? Not that I minded what she thought, but I was concerned about what she could do to the horse because of my affection for him.

“Right,” I answered.

Garrett nodded and started walking away. His usual high chin pointed to the ground, and his perfect posture and open shoulders slacked to the front as if he really was responsible from what happened.

Wait. Did he think he was responsible for it?

I rushed after him and only realized what I was doing when I closed my hand around his wrist, making him stop and face me. As soon as his bright but now sad hazel eyes locked on mine, I let go of his arm.

“Y-you know it’s not your fault, right?”


Hope you liked it!


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