Teaser Tuesday

Juliana Haygert - Teaser Tuesday

Hi friends!

Here’s a snippet from Breaking Fences, which releases just in a few days!



I halted. My heart sped up a little.

Garrett walked up to me. “Hey.”

I turned to him, keeping my face blank. “Hi.” As usual, he had his brown boots and hat on. This time he wore dark jeans and a fitted dark green button up shirt that brought out the green speckles in his hazel eyes.

He pointed to the bar across the street. “Aren’t you going in?”

I shook my head. “I just walked Phoebe. She has a date.”

“You should come.”

I frowned. “I shouldn’t.”

He cocked his head to the side. Meu Deus, what I wouldn’t give to know what was going on inside that pretty head.

“You haven’t been at the ranch,” he said. “I thought you would come back last Saturday or Sunday. I thought you liked riding.”

“I love riding. It’s the only good thing in my life—” I slapped my hand over my mouth and my eyes went wide. Droga, I said too much.

His eyes narrowed. “Audrey still giving you a bad time?”

Of course he would have heard the rumors. “You can say that.”

“One more reason to come back to the ranch and do what you like.”

What was this sudden interest in me going back to the ranch? “I’ll think about it.”

One corner of his mouth curved up. “Good.”

He tipped his hat before turning on his heels and walking across the street to the bar.

I watched his backside, taking in how edible he looked. I didn’t understand him. He worked at the ranch—his father’s ranch—had already graduated college, and yet was always here, especially at The Bat. He seemed to be friends with his half-brother, and he trained his half-sister for show jumping.

Garrett was a mystery—one second he was hot, the next he was cold—and I felt compelled to unravel it.


Hope you liked it!



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