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If you guys have been around here,  you know I post almost every Wednesday on the meme created by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk, called What’s Up Wednesday (link goes to my last WUW post). I love it, but, as I’m trying to create a tighter routine so I can write and/or edit more, it’s becoming complicate to spend a couple of hours reading everyone’s posts. Don’t get me wrong – I love reading what everyone is up to and supporting, but it’s very time consuming, and time is precious. I feel really bad for leaving WUW behind.

But I thought having a day of the week to update the blog was a great idea. So, I’m creating my own Summary Sunday. It’s nothing major, no meme, no linksy. It’s just me telling you what I’m up to. And you read and comment if you want, when you want. No pressure ;)

(It’s a nice way for me to keep my progress in check too).



This past week I read Girl in Love by Caisey Quinn, and I read Write Your Novel Form the Middle by James Scott Bell – an awesome book that will make total sense and will make you eager to use this method on your manuscripts!



This past week, I wrote 12594 words (Mon, Tue, and Wed) and on Wed I typed THE END on Breaking Fences! *happy dance*

However, as you know, now come revisions. I have two weeks to make this work before sending it out to my editor *bites nails*



Last Sunday, I had my monthly write-in with my girls. We are six ladies, but only three of us went. Regardless, it was a good day — we talked a lot about writing and publishing, and I wrote 4800 words!

I took the daughter to see Sleeping Beauty with Royal Ballet at the movie theater on Thursday, and then I drove to Boston on Saturday and took her to see Cinderella by Boston Ballet — Lauren Garafalo met us there!



Teaser Tuesday

Cover Love: Breaking Fences

Cover Love: Dearest Clementine



–  Increase Your Writing Productivity: the power of realism, reset, and record by Susan Dennard

Writing Faster: Breaking the 10,000-Word-Day Barrier and Composing a Rough Draft in 2 Weeks by Lindsay Buroker


 Tell me about you? Anything new? Writing or reading a lot? Any inspirational posts out there you want to share?


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