My 2014 Plan – part 2

Last week, I posted My 2014 Plan – my general wants and “resolutions.” Now I’m going to talk about upcoming books …

I wrote and re-wrote this post so many times because I couldn’t make up my mind about what I was going to write this year. I have too many ideas and I want to rewrite my first three manuscripts (because the stories are great, but the writing sucked lol), I won’t be ever able to write everything I want to, even if I live to be 100 years old — the lack of stories is NEVER the case. Anyway …

Then I wrote a huge post explaining all the reasoning behind my choices (the ones I scratched and the ones I’m keeping) … but I decided to spare you of my insanity.

Anyway, after a lot of head banging and lots of f-words exploding in my mind, here’s my new, tentative calendar:


  • Jan 20th – release of Cup of Life (which is ready)
  • March 3rd – release of Playing Pretend (which is on the editing stage)
  • June – release of Breaking Fences (Bia’s story – companion of Breaking the Reins)
  • September – release of The Everlasting Circle, thus completing my fantasy trilogy.
  • December – release of Breaking the [insert word here] (Ricardo’s story – companion of Breaking the Reins) – and maybe a holiday short too, if I can write it.*


*Beside the extra holiday short, there’s one contemporary story that has been hammering in my mind for the last few weeks … it would be an older NA thing, sexier than my usual stories, and it would probably be a 2-book series. IF I can, I’ll squeeze this one in my calendar – but only if I don’t screw my other deadlines …


There you have it. My 2014 writing calendar. Doesn’t look too bad, does it?


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