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June 27:

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Summary Sunday

Juliana Haygert - Sunday Summary


Hi Friends! I haven’t posted in 3 weeks, so here’s what happened during that time:



I’ve read Asher by Jo Raven, Lick by Kylie Scott, Play by Kylie Scott, Sacrifice Me: The Dying by Sarra Cannon, White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Claimed by the Alphas:Part One by Viola Rivard.

And I also read a sekrit project for a friend.



I was working on the sekrit project revisions. I think it’s finally done and ready for editing.



Today was write-in day, but the kid is sick, so I’m sitting this one out. So jealous of my girls who are at Panera right now.

Aaaaaaaand, my daughter wants to tell you something:

Anuncio quadrado 2



NA Crush Tourney
Teaser Tuesday
Release Day: Another New Life 
Release Day: Wreck You
Cover Love: Nogiku Series
Release Day: State of Pursuit
Cover Love: A Beauty So Beastly
Cover Love: Just Breathe
Cover Love: Go With Me
Cover Love: Finding Dandelion
Release Day: Relinquish


Tell me about you? Anything new? Writing or reading a lot? Any inspirational posts out there you want to share?



Release Day: Relinquish


Release Date: June 17th 2014
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Fantasy
Book Two in the Lost Souls Series

Regan has a life in Georgia. She is going to school, has managed to make some friends, and has even found a new love interest in Colter. So what happens when she can’t hide what she is anymore? When do all the lies become too much to handle? And how much longer can she hold onto her sanity—while Agro pushes her closer and closer to the edge of no return—her ascension to Elite?

Colter is beautifully oblivious. Wanting so much to believe that Regan is safe, and Agro has been halted, he ignores Finn’s constant skepticism at the risk of their friendship. Overlooking what is so clearly right in front of him, Colter passes off Regan’s outbursts of emotion on her recent trauma. Colter can feel Regan—his one exception to his retribution—slipping out of his arms, but fighting her to stay with him may not be an option.

Colter and Finn are now at odds, and there is a newly formed alliance between Kaiden and Exile Max. Will this group of Collectors be enough to fight off the new enemies and old threats that emerge in the battle for souls when Regan is broken, and their group is on the brink of self-destruction?

The lost will be found, the Collectors will be exiled, and the Elites will reign.

Amazon | B&N | Smashwords



About Book One, Retribution

Regan Edison has just moved from California, to enter her first year at Georgia Liberty College, the place where jacked up Chevy trucks and hunting are a way of life. Regan hopes to start a new life for herself and she thinks that Georgia is just the place to do it. That is until she meets an unexpected stranger.

Colter Hayes is a member of the Collectors, a group of wrongfully punished lost souls. Colter and the rest of his team, Finn, Kaiden and Devon, work for the Requiem Council who pass judgment on those souls that are neither tagged for Heaven nor Hell. The Council has charged the Collectors with finding the lost in exchange for a chance at redemption.

When an ex-councilmember known to pass Retribution on lost souls sets his sights on Regan, the Requiem Council dispatches the Collectors to Georgia to work as protectors for Regan. The Collectors must fight to save Regan from a fate they know all too well, but can they work to earn back their chance at redemption or are their fates sealed forever?

Who is meant for Heaven?
Who is meant for Hell?
And who is just lost?

Start the series for just 99 Cents! Amazon | B&N | Smashwords


About the authorAmy

Amy Thompson graduated from college with her B.S. in Biology. She currently works as a high school mentor and has just earned her M.S. in Higher Education. Amy is a self-published author of Retribution, a new adult, paranormal romance novel that is the first in the Lost Souls Trilogy. She lives in Southern Virginia with her family and two lazy cats. Amy Thompson is currently working on the next book in the Lost Souls Trilogy, Relinquish and continues to be an avid reader of all things books.

Website | Facebook | Goodreads






Breaking Fences - front

Genre: NA contemporary romance
Word Count: ~90,000
Release date: June/2014
Cover Design: Okay Creations

All Beatriz “Bia” Fernandes wants is to prove herself—to her family and friends—though it’s hard to prove anything with an overbearing father and three famous polo-playing older brothers. After her acceptance into college results in a heated family argument, the Brazilian girl leaves everything behind to find her own American dream.

College life away from home is perfect until the people she believes to be her friends turn on her. With lies and rumors threatening to suffocate her, Bia turns to her only freedom. Riding.

But one thing gets in the way of her escape. Garrett Blackwell and his bad cowboy attitude. Working at the ranch is his obligation, bugging Bia is his newfound hobby. His thick skin and easy grin don’t hide what Bia already knows—this misunderstood and lonely cowboy fights his own demons. Brushing horses’ coats and mucking out stalls shouldn’t be this sexy, and it isn’t long before he becomes a part of her distraction.

However, escaping won’t solve her problems, and it’s up to Bia to break down the fences around her and prove her strength—not to her family and friends, but to herself … and for Garrett. Because standing on her own doesn’t have to mean standing alone.

** Companion novel of Breaking the Reins. Can be read out of order.**

** For mature readers (17+) **

Goodreads | Pinterest

Here’s a printable Portuguese-English Dictionary with the terms used in the novels.

Amazon | B&N | Kobo iBooks


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Buy Breaking the Reins: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks | Createspace | Book Depository



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