What’s Up Wednesday

The lovelies Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk came up with the WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY meme. Here’s Jaime’s explanation about it: “It’s similar in some respects to the Currently… post, but it’s been whittled down to only four headings to make it quicker and more manageable on a weekly basis. You’re invited to join us if you’re looking for something to blog about, a way to let your blog friends know what’s been going on with you.”

Whats up Wednesday

I was looking through my posts and I think the last time I participated of WUW was June! Can you believe that? Wow …

I’m back, because I like this meme and I like the writers that participate in it, but I don’t promise I’ll be here every Wednesday – I’ll try to be here twice  a month at least ;)

Enough dilly dallying …



I’ve been reading Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout (I don’t know why but I’m not into it much, but I don’t want to give up because I like the series) and I finished Untouched by Melody Grace last night, so I’ll probably pick another one later today.



I finished Soul Oath (The Everlast Trilogy #2) and Cup of Life (The Everlast Trilogy #2.5) two weeks ago and now I’m revising them.



Music as always. Right now I’ve been listening to 5am by Katy B a lot, especially when exercising ;)



Nothing much. We have a tight routine over here. Exercising, taking kiddo to her dance classes, going out for movies and dinner on the weekends, reading …

I’m planning a trip to South Carolina during Christmas so we can spend it with friends, and next year hubs and I celebrate our 10th anniversary – it’ll be right during Spring Break in April, so I’m already looking around, trying to come up with something fun to do, like a cruise … it’s never too early to plan for those!

Oh, and next month Soul Oath is out, so I’m contacting bloggers about reviews, organizing blog tours and such … I hate the marketing side of it all, but in the end, it’s fun.


Now tell me, WHAT’S UP WITH YOU?

Don’t forget to stop by Jaime’s post and check out the linky list of the awesome writers who are participating of this meme!


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16 Responses to What’s Up Wednesday

  • It’s funny that you are having a hard time with ORIGIN. I remember having an Advanced Reader Copy of that book and going through the same thing. There were so many things I liked about the story and its premise, but I could get through it!
    Nicole Rivera recently posted: What’s Up With Nicole?My Profile

  • I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Jennifer Armentrout so far, but I haven’t tried Origin.
    Sounds like you’re very busy. I’m the same with routine- cleaning, exercising, writing, taking the kids to their after school activities, bed, wake up and repeat!

  • Ooh, have fun planning your ten year anniversary trip! My husband and I celebrate ours in February. We’re going to Vegas with a few friends. My husband wants to get Elvis to marry us while we’re there. :)

  • Best of luck with your revisions, Juliana! I’m so envious of your approaching trip to South Carolina. It’s one of my favorites places to visit. Hope you have a great week!

  • It’s actually really fun to see what everyone is reading and working on. It’s a great way to stay updated :) Happy Wednesday, and good luck with revisions! That’s what’s up for me, too.
    Liz Blocker (@lizblocker) recently posted: The Last Gasps of EditingMy Profile

  • I’m happy you decided to join us this week! Good luck with your revisions. Sometimes that’s the best part of the writing process. I sometimes wonder about books that I’ve read and haven’t gotten into, whether it’s not a good fit for me, or if I’m just not in the right mood for it. I think usually I can tell the difference, but other times not so much. Do you ever find that? I haven’t read ORIGIN, but that’s too bad that it’s hard to get into. :/

    Have a great week, Juliana! (Now you’ve gotten me thinking about Christmas, which actually isn’t all that far off!)
    Jaime Morrow recently posted: What’s Up WednesdayMy Profile

  • Hello, Juliana! It’s tough to keep up with reading, writing, and exercising when you have a tough schedule. Add to that book promotions… which is not something I’ve had to deal with yet, but I can understand being a bit of an unwelcome chore. However, I can also see how it could be fun, and it’s great you’re seeing the positive side of it.

    Have a wonderful week–or couple of weeks! :)
    Colin recently posted: What’s Up WednesdayMy Profile

  • I didn’t enjoy Origin as much as the other books in the series – I’m not sure why, but the first part dragged a bit for me. I know how you feel with the release day stress and tour organising – it feels like I’m still trying to get things sorted last-minute, and my book’s out tomorrow!
    Emma Adams recently posted: What’s Up Wednesday #10 – Compulsive writer editionMy Profile

  • Exciting about your book launching! And anniversaries! I can’t believe my 10th will be next year too (have to have my 9th though, first). I haven’t thought much about it until now. Hmmm :)

    I did a ton of research on the resorts in Cancun and Riveria Maya. We found a deal on a really nice all inclusive resort down there, would highly recommend doing that, unless you are into the idea of stopping at different ports on the cruise. Trip Advisor is very helpful, though some people will truly complain about anything (“the beach had seaweed on it, even though staff were out there daily cleaning it from the beach.” Yes, because IT’S THE OCEAN!). We ended up paying a little more to get a better quality resort, and still got a deal, so it the research was worth it :)

  • That is a busy schedule! Good luck getting all your revisions done.

    I love Charleston in South Carolina. So historical and beautiful. Hope you have a great time there.

    Have a wonderful week!
    Miss Cole recently posted: What’s Up Wednesday!My Profile

  • Good luck with your revision! Looking forward to meeting up to write later this month. :)

    So exciting your 10th anniversary is coming up! I’ve never been on a cruise but I hear they can be fun. My husband’s and my 3rd wedding anniversary is actually this Friday!

  • I have a few of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s books on my ereader, but I haven’t gotten to them yet. My TBR list is just way too long. I’ll have to give them a try soon though.

    Best of luck with your revisions and your trip planning! Glad to see you back for What’s Up Wednesday! :)

  • Ten years YAY!!! my husband and I celebrated out 10 year anniversary this year too. So many people seem to be making it 10 years lately. Is the trend in divorce finally seeing an end. I sure hope so :)
    Jossie Marie Solheim recently posted: What’s up WednesdayMy Profile

  • Best of luck with your revisions! It’s so exciting that you have a book coming out too. I hope the launch goes well. :) I just checked out the song you mentioned by Katy B – that video is awesome. Super creepy and atmospheric. It reminds me a little of the ballroom scene in Labyrinth. :)

    Have a great week!
    Bridgid Gallagher recently posted: This week in plotting and readingMy Profile

  • So excited about your upcoming books, especially after seeing (and sharing) the gorgeous covers! I just read a Meg Cabot book that took me a bit to get into. I ended up liking it. Hope Origin works out that way. And love hanging out with you at sprints!
    Tia Bach recently posted: Great $0.99 Bundle & ROW80 UpdateMy Profile

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