Trying To Be More Productive

So, I began writing a new manuscript yesterday.

It had been ages, and I really mean a long long time, since I began a new project. Basically, I have been editing and revising for the last year and I am tired of it. Exhausted. So you can imagine my excitement—and nervousness— for starting something new after so long.

My enthusiasm wants me to write all the words in record time and to resist the siren call of the internet.

2k to 10k coverRelated to this topic, I’m reading a book called 2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love by Rachel Aaron—you probably read the blog post she wrote about it in 2011 (though I only found out about it late 2012). It was very useful and inspirational. Right after the huge response her blog post caused, she wrote a short book, with more techniques and explaining her outline process, etc. So far, I highly recommend this book to any writer.

One of her tricks is to get out of home and go to a place without internet. Since I don’t really want to leave home to write, I installed an add on called Nanny on Chrome that won’t allow me to surf the net during “business” hours. I’ve came across this addon after my husband showed me a paragraph on the book he’s reading (The CEO Manual) where the writer of the book confesses he can get easily lost in the internet and wouldn’t have finished that book if he hadn’t installed that add on on his browser.

I know exactly of what he’s talking about. And I don’t want to be like that. I love writing, then why am I not writing?

Side note: though I’m trying to find another one add one/program that will let me cut the internet on a schedule I come up with—anyone knows of one like that?

So, yeah, you won’t (or shouldn’t) see me online much for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully. And by then I’ll have a first draft written. Hopefully.

And … if you’re curious about my new manuscript, come back here Thursday … I’ll do one of those The Next Big Thing posts about it ;)

Happy writing to us!


10 Responses to Trying To Be More Productive

  • Yay for your new project!! :D Good for you taking charge of when you spend time on the internet.

  • Ju *escrevendo em português mesmo pq to com preguiça* hehehe. Eu concordo com vc e acho bacana essa ideia de barrar a internet de algum jeito. Vc viu que dei uma sumidinha do twitter? Estou aproveitando as férias p/ escrever e botei na cabeça que não ia conseguir isso se continuasse na internet. Por enquanto não cheguei nem a 2000 por dia, mas já aumentei bastante desde que parei com a net (consegui 1500 ontem). Só olho as redes sociais a noitinha mesmo (hoje abri uma exceção rsrs). Tbm dei uma pausa nas leituras e no blog até os fins das férias, talvez.

    Boa sorte pra ti e espero que isso te ajude a escrever ainda mais! :)

  • I’d like to breeze through the first draft of my next project too, so maybe I’ll read this book! I remember reading that blog post a few months ago, too. Good luck! You’ve always seemed like a super-fast writer to me so I’m sure you’ll do great. :)
    Ghenet Myrthil recently posted: Happy Friday News!My Profile

  • I definitely need to learn to write faster! Although I can say no to the Internet when I’m writing.
    Good luck, Juliana!
    Alex J. Cavanaugh recently posted: Michael Offutt and Oculus, Libby Heily and Tough Girl, Ninja News, and Your A to Z Challenge Hosts!!!!My Profile

  • Awesome that you’re trying new things!! I’m so glad you’re back to writing new projects too :D I just did a little research on this for my boss. Though we haven’t tried any of the apps yet, I did find a good article with a bunch mentioned. I’ll tweet it to you :D
    Lauren Garafalo recently posted: Off to a Good StartMy Profile

  • I know what you mean–I’m about to start editing/revising my NaNo project, but I’m also looking forward to writing new stuff. I want to have more than one ms (whether it’s another novel, or a short story or two) to offer prospective agents, publications, critiquers this year. In other words, like you, I want to be a lot more productive. All the best to you, Juliana! :)
    Colin recently posted: Castellano’s “Abbey Road” and a Challenge for WritersMy Profile

  • Ah! I know what you mean about the ‘siren call of the internet’. I could really use one of those programs too. I’m still determined to set myself up on a daily schedule for blogging (and reading/commenting on other blogs), writing, practising drumming, and reading. And somewhere in there, making sure that I’m eating properly and maybe even getting some exercise. It’s amazing how much time I waste in a day, and a good deal of that is just cruising around on the internet. Hopefully we’ll both get ourselves under control. :)
    Jaime Morrow recently posted: Beginning AgainMy Profile

  • Will be back on Thursday. Best of luck with your new project.
    Sheena-kay Graham recently posted: Waiting on Wednesday: Snow White Sorrow by Cameron JaceMy Profile

  • Oh I will have to check this book out. I am always getting side tracked and I love my writing but I never seem to get it finished.

  • That’s awesome news! Working on a new project always feels great, doesn’t it? And from what you said yesterday on Twitter about your word count you seem to be doing fantastic! Good luck with this :)
    EM Castellan recently posted: ROW80 Check-In 1- Writing a first novel by Marie LuMy Profile

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