One Moment: Breaking the Reins

So, my dear friend and Brazil-enthusiastic Elyana Noreme tagged me on a fun writing game. Here are the rules: “Search the words “moment,” “forever,” “time,” or the like in your writing, pick your favorite chunk, post on your blog, and tag others! Come back and post your link here so we can read!”

I’ve chosen a snippet from Breaking the Reins, my upcoming NA Contemp Romance.


NOTE: This passage was not line-edit yet!!


“I see.” Mr. O’Neill’s eyes found me and he smiled. “And you must be Hannah Taylor, famous for your beauty. The rumors don’t lie.”

My cheeks heated, and Eric’s grip on my waist tightened. “That’s a new one,” I said, smiling politely, though all I wanted to do was to walk away from him.

Mr. O’Neill nodded to Eric. “You’re a lucky man.”

“I know,” Eric said, the amusement in his tone gone.

Relief colored Eric’s face when the butler came in, announcing dinner was ready.

The food was delicious and dinner would have been bearable if it wasn’t for Mr. O’Neill constant stare, and Eric’s tight grip on my thigh under the table. Each time the man smiled at me, Eric’s fingers dug in my skin and I pressed my lips together, willing the scream to stay in my throat.


Now, it’s your turn!

And, because I have the Ready. Set. Write! summer intensive in my mind, I’m tagging Elodie, Jaime, Katy, Alison and Erin!



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