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Since becoming a writer and author, I’ve turned in to a worrying machine. Seriously, I said this before in other pasts, but I used to be so decided, so sure of everything, then it all changed when I dove deep into writing. Now, I’m so undecided and not sure of anything. I change my mind about my books, my path, my writing, my methods, etc, a thousand times – per day!

And that means I’m undecided about my books’ prices too.

I’ve always knew I would charge $2.99 for Destiny Gift and then, when the second one was out, change it to $0.99. The second one (Soul Oath)  and the third one (The Everlasting Circle) will cost $2.99 each, though, and the novella (Cup of Life, #2.5) will cost $0.99.

However, since book #2 (Soul Oath) is almost here, I changed Destiny Gift to it’s new price a little early.

DestinyGift - medium

SoulOath front














So, here’s where you can buy DESTINY GIFT for only $0.99: 

Amazon | Barnes&Noble | Kobo Apple

Soon, Soul Oath will be on sale on the same outlets!


When I published Breaking the Reins (in August), $3.99 was the new $2.99. It seemed that all new, quality self-pubbed books (especially NA contemp romance) was being published for $3.99. I wondered about that a bit and I researched.

Most authors use a length system for their prices, like:

Novelette (up to 15k words) = $0.99
Novella (15k-40k words) = $1.99
Novels (40k-80k) = $2.99
Long novels (over 80k) = $3.99

And there are many authors who actually charge more for their novels ($4.99), no matter the length.

So, since Breaking the Reins is 110,000 words long and it cost a lot more than the others to produce and a lot more time to write, I ended up charging $3.99 for it. Then, talking to my hubs about pricing this past week, I realized readers don’t really care about length. They care if it’s a novella or novel, and a novel can be 50k words or 150k words – and the price should be the same.

For that, I just changed Breaking the Reins price to $2.99.

BtR front - smallAmazon | B&N | Kobo | Apple


I see authors playing with prices all the time. I don’t want to do that because I don’t want to look like I’m toying with my readers – they are too precious to me to play around with. But, one good thing about being indie is that I’m in charge and I can change things a bit.

So, these new prices are for you!


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