Another challenge!

So, this evening my friend Priya tweeted this:

“GUYS! @Juliana_Haygert‘s Breaking the Reins is ranked under 7k amazon best sellers! Can we help her get under 5k?  <3″

I was around 6,700 (on Amazon).

Then, after 1 hour, I was at 5,100!

So she tweeted again:

“GUYS! @Juliana_Haygert‘s Breaking the Reins is sooo soo close to reaching 5k mark! Let’s help her get under 5k?  <3″

One hour later I tweeted her, LOOK AT MY RANK! I was at 4,337! We did it!

I thought she was done, but noooooo! She continued:

“4 a chance to win Breaking the Reins tweet: Help @Juliana_Haygert Breaking the Reins break top 1k amz bestsellers! 

“I’ll pick a winner by midnight in 8/25 Tweet: Help @Juliana_Haygert Breaking the Reins break top 1k amz bestsellers! 

So, here’s the deal: Priya will give someone who tweets that (Help @Juliana_Haygert Breaking the Reins break top 1k amz bestsellers! ) an ecopy of Breaking the Reins, and I’ll give a signed paperback to someone else!

We’ll have TWO winners if I break the 1000 rank on Amazon by tomorrow midnight!

Help us spread the word!

*happy dance*



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