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More on Self-Publishing Costs


Back in April, I shared how much I spent to edit/produce/publish Destiny Gift.

I didn’t do it with Breaking the Reins, and now it’s time for Soul Oath and Cup of Life. So here is a break down:


Breaking the Reins (110k words)

Cover = $195 (e-book and paperback)
Pic for cover = $150
Cover reveal = $30
Book Blitz = $30
Blog tour = $200
Content Editing = $211.17
Line-editing = $222.64
Proofreading = $111.49
Bookmarks design = $50
Bookmarks production (+ shipping) = $39.10
Formatting = $0
Giftcard given during blog tour = $25
Createspace proof copy = $10
Paperbacks for giveaways (15 + shipping) = $95.25
Ads (YABC and LandS Reviews) = $70
Copyright = $35

TOTAL = $1568.65


Soul Oath (85k words)

Cover = $300 (e-book and paperback)
Cover reveal = $0
Book Blitz = $30
Blog tour = $150
Pic teasers (pics + design) = $163
Content Editing = $78.3
Line-editing = $ 207.86 (includes Cup of Life)
Proofreading = $105.77 (includes Cup of Life)
Giftcard given during blog tour = $25
Createspace proof copy = $10
Paperbacks for giveaways (10 + shipping) = $48.60
Copyright = $35

TOTAL = $1118.53


Cup of Life (17k words)

Cover = $125 (e-book only)
Cover reveal = $o
Book Blitz = $80
Blog tour = $o (I won’t have one)
Content Editing = $12.34
Line-editing = see above (with Soal Oath)
Proofreading = see above (with Soal Oath)
Giftcard given during blog blitz = $20

TOTAL = $237.34


I loved seeing these from other authors, so there you go. I hope it helps.


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What’s Up Wednesday

The lovelies Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk came up with the WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY meme. Here’s Jaime’s explanation about it: “It’s similar in some respects to the Currently… post, but it’s been whittled down to only four headings to make it quicker and more manageable on a weekly basis. You’re invited to join us if you’re looking for something to blog about, a way to let your blog friends know what’s been going on with you.”



I haven’t posted on What’s Up Wednesday in two weeks, so I have a lot (I think) to report:



I read My Story Can Beat Up Your Story by Jeffrey Schechter – great, great plotting book. Seriously, you all should read it!

I also read State of Chaos by Summer Lane, and 3 Xmas novellas: If I Return by Sawyer Bennett, Off the Market by Magan Vernon, and Christmas Catch by Chelsea Cameron.

I also read Sentinel by Jennifer L. Armentrout – much better than Origin, which I still didn’t finish.



Remember I said I aimed to write 15k words of Playing Pretend two weeks ago? I ended up with a little over 6k only – the kid got sick and stayed home Thursday and Friday, so no writing for me :(

Last week, I worked on the last pass of edits of Soul Oath. Now, the eARCs are out with bloggers and I’m back to Playing Pretend. I wrote 3000 words on Sunday during write-in, Monday I worked on ARCs of Cup of Life, and then I wrote another 1000 words on Tuesday – had to work on some guest posts and interviews …



Once Upon a Time.

I’ve watched the 1st episode a long time ago and though meh, this isn’t that interesting. But everyone on twitter talks about it, so last week I decided to give it another try. I watched the 1st episode again and pushed to the 2nd episode – well, I only stopped after I watched the 5th, so that should tell you if I liked it or not. I’ve been watching it while on the elliptical and my lunch breaks and sometimes after the kid goes to bed, but before watching a movie with my hubs, so, I’m already on the 10th episode of the 2nd season!

I’m amazed how they are putting the fairy tales together, how they all fit, the twists! It’s awesome and I’m really jealous of their creativity!



As I mentioned above, the kid was sick during Halloween, so we ended up missing Trick or Treating – however, we played trick or treating inside. My hubs and I got a bowl of candy each and we hid behind doors. The kid went around the house, knocking on the doors. We opened the doors, pretended surprise, told her how beautiful her costume looked lol It lasted a looooong time, because she wanted to do it in every single door. But it was fun. She loved it.

2013-10-31 17.47.00

Whatelse. I had a write-in last Sunday with Ghenet and Jessica – I left a little early, but it was very productive anyway. Even if I had gotten only a few words down, it’s good to see them and talk about writing and publishing a bit.

And the rest has been just routine …



– Well, not on my blog, but on NA Alley: we have a survey up. Please, spare two minutes of your time and answer it.

– Soon Soul Oath is going to be out and the sign-ups for a week-long book blitz  is up!


Now tell me, WHAT’S UP WITH YOU?

Don’t forget to stop by Jaime’s blog and check out the linky list of the awesome writers who are participating of this meme!


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Cover Love: Holding On Forever

HoldingOnForever.v3 - Final

Holding On Forever (Truly Madly #2)
by Cecilia Robert
Release Date: December 2013

Liese is finally moving on with Frey by her side. But sometimes letting go is the hardest part, and trusting is a risk one has to take. In between her practicum and spending time with Frey whenever he is town, she fights her insecurities, and wins. Then something happens and Frey’s priorities momentarily shift, making her second guess their relationship. Suddenly, going back to their former best friends status has never looked so appealing.

Frey’s life has never shined so bright now that Liese is his. But there is a part of him that is shrouded by memories he’d rather have them buried where no one can touch them.  Not even him. But even buried memories and people can’t stay hidden for forever. What Liese doesn’t know is that Frey isn’t about to let go so easily, and he will throw in everything he’s got to stop her from leaving him. He has waited an eternity for her. Giving her up is not an option.

Add it on Goodreads!


About the Author

Cecilia Robert  writes YA, NA and Adult. Her motto: Passion rules. She enjoys writing stories about people finding love in the most unexpected of places, and also about people finding their true purpose in life coupled with adventurous journeys, whether it’s urban, fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary or paranormal romance. There’s always a happy ever after, no matter how long it takes for the characters to get there. When she’s not working in her full time job, she dons her supermom cape, or in most cases find herself trapped between the pages of a book in search for a hero who’ll make her swoon with just a look or a word. Her favourite form of therapy is knitting. Best. Therapy. Ever.

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