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Book Blitz Sign Up: His Allure, Her Passion

My novella His Allure, Her Passion is coming out soon and Giselle from Xpresso Book Tours is organizing a Book Blitz for me.

JH_His allure, her passion_LG

His Allure, Her Passion 
Publication date:  February 2013 by Decadent Publishing
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance 

In his father’s eyes, Dylan Deveraux is just a playboy spending the family fortune on prostitutes, alcohol, and fast cars. And it isn’t even with the cars his father produces. Because of that, his father forbids his presence at the ball that will mark the launch of the US plant of his company, strategically scheduled on Valentine’s Day.

Hayley Allen is a failing model with the worse luck in the world. She always ends up in the hands of cruel designers and photographers. At least, that’s what she tells herself. Better than admit having a weak nervous system that always reacted during her gigs. Desperate, she would do anything to help her career.

Dylan shows up at her door, wasted as usual. Friends for a long time, Hayley is the only one able to put up with Dylan’s bullshit, and he appreciates that, but not the way her heart wants.

Even though he doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day, Dylan has an idea for his father’s ball. When he suggests a deal to Hayley, a deal that could finally put her in the spotlight of success and help him impress his father, she doesn’t hesitate. Even if it means hurting her heart a little more.



The blitz runs from February 14th to February 28th, you may post anytime during this window. There will be excerpts and (possibly) interviews available for your post, as well as a Rafflecopter giveaway code if you wish to share it (there will be an entry to follow your blog).

To sign up, you can click here and fill out the form on the post!



Cover Love: The Space Between

The cover reveal of my NA sister Victoria coming NA contemporary romance:


The Space Between1 AMAZON

Title: The Space Between
Author: Victoria H. Smith
Expected release date: April 2, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Cover Designer: Okay Creations
Cover reveal organized by: AToMR Tours
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Book Description:

When Drake started the night at his father’s campaign fundraiser, he never imagined he’d end it being conned into buying drugs on the West Side. Losing high-stakes poker has its consequences, but he’d repeatedly face them just to hear Lacey Douglas sing. Drake sees Lacey light up the stage, and he has to have her. But his intentions for being on her side of town turn out to be the reason he can’t.

Chicago native Lacey has dreams of the opera, but life has its obstacles. Lacey has come to know her hardships as part of living in the real world and accepts them fully. When Lacey meets the intense and invigorating Drake, a fire is lit inside her, unleashing those dreams again.

Two paths that should have never crossed prove to create the exact pairing the other needs. But when their worlds take time to catch up, everything they have is tested. Finding the space between the two sides that challenge them will be hard, but it’s the only place that will keep them together.

The Space Between is a new adult contemporary romance.



VAbout the author:

Victoria H. Smith has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. She puts it to good use writing romance all day. She resides in the Midwest with her Macbook on her lap and a cornfield to her right. She often draws inspiration for her stories from her own life experiences, and the twenty-something characters she writes give her an earful about it.

In her free time, she enjoys extreme couponing, blogging, reading, and sending off a few tweets on Twitter when she can. She writes new adult fiction romance in the sub-genres of science fiction, urban fantasy, and contemporary, but really, anywhere her pen takes her she goes.

Author Links: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Don’t forget to check Magan Vernon’s cover reveal too!


Cover Love: The Only Exception

GUYS! You all know I LOVE participating on cover reveals. But this one is special, because it’s from my CP Magan Vernon … I read this one and let me tell you: IT’S GOOD!!


The Only Exception by Magan Vernon

The Only Exception by Magan Vernon — April 9th, 2013

Fiercely liberal Monica Remy prefers to blend in. Despite her tattoos, piercings, and outspoken personality, she transferred to Central to escape—before she finds out that her next door neighbor is the uber conservative governor son, Trey Chapman.

No matter how hard she tries to avoid Trey, he still finds a way to get under her skin. Monica can’t stand his crisp white shirts or his staunch views on women. But she can’t help counting every freckle on his face and wondering what it would feel like to have him stop talking politics and kiss her.

A class debate project forces the unlikely pair to work together, and the political lines are blurred in late-night make out sessions. But despite their fiery chemistry, Trey’s politics threatens to smother their relationship for good.

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Magan Vernon is a Young Adult and New Adult writer who lives with her family in the insurance capital of the world. She is in a very serious, fake relationship with Adam Lambert and constantly asks her husband to wear guyliner. He still refuses. She also believes her husband is secretly an alien, disguised as a southern gentleman.


Don’t forget to check out Victoria H. Smith’s cover reveal too!


#ROW80 check-in 01/27

Hey friends! Welcome to my weekly ROW80 update!

Here are my goals for the past week and how it went:

  • Writing: continue writing Breaking the Reins. Mon = no school = kid at home = no writing. Tuesday = 1000 words. Wed = 1500 words. Thu = 3300 words. Fri = 1000 words.
  • Reading: finish reading book #5 and #6 of the year. Hm, I just finished book #7. And read the rest of my CP’s ms and returned to her (76 pages).
  • Social media:  Twitter: try to be present, but not too much. Blog: post a couple of times. Yeah, sorta.
  • Exercising: at least 4x. Five times.

I’ve been distracted this week because we’re house hunting. Slow and steady, but we have begun. Well, it’s exciting, and it’s stressful too, so that is taking a lot of my mind.


My goals for the next week:

  • Writing: continue writing Breaking the Reins (Mon, Tue and Wed).
  • Reading: read book #8 of the year.
  • Social media:  Twitter: try to be present, but not too much. Blog: post a couple of times.
  • Exercising: at least 3x.


I’m going to Cancun this Thursday! Yeah, so exercise be damned, and I won’t get any writing on Thu and Fri, and my reading time will be short, but, oh well, it’s Cancun, right? It’ll be for only 4 days though.

For that, my check-in post will probably be written on Wed night and scheduled to come live Sun, or I’ll check in only on Monday … we’ll see.

UPDATE: sorry for posting this update so later, but a tragedy occurred in my town in Brazil, and my thoughts were (still are) there today. Here’s the news of the tragedy, if you’re interested:


Have a great one!


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