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A couple of months ago, I saw a workshop being offered at Savvy Authors called Crafting the Sensual Novella. It got my attention since I noticed there was more and more novellas out and small but successful publishers like Entangled, Carina, Samhain, Crescent Moon and many others accept novella submissions. But it was during the beginning of my move from Brazil to the US and I had too many things to do and a kid full-time at the house. So I let it go.

Then, when I was already at the US, but still sunk under the mess of my new house and life, I saw a post by Anne R. Allen called Why Should You Be Writing Short Fiction. Fascinating stuff that made me go googling for that workshop. I found the website of Eliza Knight, the instructor of the workshop, and signed up for her next class (which started in a few days).

Coincidentally, I started April reading two novellas (one novella and one novelette, actually). I haven’t meant to read only novellas on the month I would take a novella writing workshop, but, since I realized I was doing that, I decided to keep at it and read only novellas in April ;)

I’ve never decided I would only read novels. I just read them because they had more exposure, I guess. And I don’t remember how I got into reading novellas, but I do read them now, especially if I know the author, they come with good reviews and recommendations, or if they are part of a novel series. Oh, and if it’s a new author to me and said author has a novella out, I read the novella first to see if I like their style … yeah, I know, it’s almost an imperceptible action I take.

I’ve tried my hand at writing short, but I must admit that it was hard for me basically because I tend to overwrite. But I want to. I would love to come up with a novella series or trilogy. Actually, I already have ideas for the series and the trilogy, but I’m afraid they’ll going to grow too much once I start writing and the novellas will easily turn into novels … I know me.

But I want to write short …

And, like Anne R. Allen said, I’m seeing the novella market take off, aren’t you?

What do you guys think? Do you write short? Do you think about trying it? Do you read short? Do you like reading novellas? I you write novellas or novelettes, care to pass out some advice?


Here are some articles I found on novellas if you’re interested:






8 Responses to Writing and Reading Short

  • I don’t think I’ve ever read a novella! I should fix that. It seems like it’d be a good way to get to know an author’s style in a quicker read.
    Ghenet Myrthil recently posted: 2012 Goal UpdateMy Profile

  • I love writing short stories. My novels tend to get pretty complicated, so being able to start and finish a story in about 4,000 words really helps keep the headaches away (haha). I have plans for an entire novella series. I think the story could fit in a novel or two, but I like the idea of a quicker story to write and read through. That’s great to hear that short stories are becoming more popular! Oddly enough, I don’t tend to read them outside of a classroom…but I’m going to have to change that!
    Karen Rought recently posted: Rising Stars: George WatskyMy Profile

  • I’m very intrigued by the idea of writing a novella. A short story is too short for me, but there are certain plot ideas I have that would lend themselves well to a novella length. Thanks for reminding me, Juliana, and for the excellent links!
    Julie Glover recently posted: Word Game: SimilesMy Profile

  • Hi Juliana,

    great post and thanks so much for those links and suggestions. I too love reading and writing short – I have always had a particular interest in what I call ‘slice of life’ stories, that is, a brief snapshot of an ordinary someone who experiences something small or big, but ultimately life-changing. In real life, things can change in an instant, and I’m fascinated to follow that change and see where it takes the person in question.

    All the best,


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