The Lucky 7 Meme

The awesome Theresa Paolo at No Rhyme or Reason (by the way, love that blog name) tagged me on the Lucky 7 Meme yesterday. Thanks, Theresa!

Here is what the tagged has to do:

1) Go to page 77 of your current MS
2) Go to line 7
3) Copy down the next 7 lines as they’re written–no  cheating
4) Tag 7 other writers
5) Let them know

Well, honestly I’m working on many WIPs at the moment, tweaking here and there when I can …

So, I chose the WIP that is closest to my heart at the moment, the one I’m revising (AGAIN!) right now, the one featured on this bloghop and this contest.

It’s called DESTINY GIFT, and here it is:


Once it was done, he pulled his hands back and placed them inside his pockets. “Thanks.”
“You’re welcome.”
And he walked away. Just like that.
My legs gave out, and I found a stool to sit down before I fainted from breathing the toxic substance I’d been working with. Or because of my response to Victor—who was Victor but not, in so many ways.
Oh my God! I was just an object to him. A thing that he could use whenever he wasn’t feeling well. I felt like a recyclable soda can that he could use up and then throw away.


Ha! Now I leave you wondering what that was about =P


Passing along the tag:

1) Jani Grey at Life Debatable
2) Tracy at Scarlets Sanctum
3) Ladonna Watkins at The Writer in Me
4) Jenny Kaczorowski at In Somnis Veritas
5) Melissa Hurst at Chasing the Dream
6) Heather L. Reid at I’d Rather Be Writing
7) Elodie at Commuting Girl



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