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Hey guys,

Do you know Taryn Albright? No? What a shame! She’s superwoman, really. College student, swimmer, lit agent intern, freelance editor, and a writer—with her own agent ;) Also, she hosts some awesome critique contests on her blog every now and then and gives awesome writing/editing tips on twitter.

She was part of a great editing group called Teen Eyes until a few days ago, and since she’s launching her own editing website, I want to give her a shout out.

Taryn’s new business is called The Girl With the Green Pen.

A few words from her:


My mission is to guide writers through the daunting task of revision. From idea development to editorial feedback to general publishing advice, I love working with stories and those who create them. As a nationally ranked swimer, I know the value of time, so I believe in quick responses from the first email to the last.

I am not just another freelance editor. Beyond providing an experienced and thorough critique, my secondary goal is to establish a relationship with my clients. I want to support you throughout the stressful submission process and celebrate with you upon any and all good news. Writers may put pen to paper alone, but it is through a community that the book gets finished, polished, and submitted.

And here’s some basic Q+A:

Why The Girl with the Green Pen? Why green?

Most edits are made with a red pen. If someone critiques your manuscript, s/he will most likely cover it with red ink, right? Not so much here. I make all my notes in green because I like to reflect the idea of moving forward. Green means go, it means new life. These are ways to think of your revisions, and this is how I like to think of the editing process.

But why are you leaving Teen Eyes?

I founded Teen Eyes in August 2011 to critique your YA manuscript from the perspective of a YA. Since then, I’ve expanded my interest in editing. Plus I’ll be 20 soon, so the “teen” part won’t work much longer. I still love Teen Eyes, but I wanted to do something bigger.

I’m currently your client / have been your client in the past. What does this mean for me?

I hope nothing! I will continue to give the notes you have come to expect. This is only a change in scenery, really, and I hope you’ll be excited as I am about my growth in this area.


Taryn Albright is a 19-year-old Creative Writing major. She spent over a year as an intern for the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, had a short stint at Movable Type Management, and now interns with another major New York agency. Her YA fiction is represented by Vickie Motter of Andrea Hurst Literary Management.
She founded Teen Eyes Editorial in August 2011 to provide an editorial service from a teen perspective. During those fifteen months, she worked with 64 authors and 75 projects and had the privilege of watching nine clients sign with agents and five sign book deals, four with major houses. While the majority of Taryn’s clients are seeking representation, a number come agented, and she has also worked with four published authors in various capacities. Learn more about Taryn’s notable clients on the Success Stories page!
Taryn specializes in books for readers from 8-24, devoted to MG, YA, and NA equally. As a NA herself, she loves the development of independence in the genre. YA has her heart because of its element of transition. And MG? MG explores an element of adventure that no one ever truly leaves behind.
Some of her favorite authors include Stefan Bachmann, Stephanie Perkins, Rae Carson, Veronica Roth, Ransom Riggs, Catherynne Valente, and Libba Bray. Her all-time favorite book is ENDER’S GAME.

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I worked with Taryn a couple of times and highly recommend her. Go check her out!


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