The 7 Facts Tag

My lovely NA sister Bailey Kelsey tagged me on this game.

To keep on the game, I must reveal 7 facts about myself then pick 7 people to do the same thing.

Bailey changed the rules and so will I *snickers*

I’ll reveal 7 things related to my writing and then I’ll tag other 7 writers.

  1. Music has to be ON. Actually, music has to be ON every single minute of the day, unless I’m sleeping ;) I have several playlists, depending on the scene I’m writing.
  2. Usually, I drink chimarrao when writing (photo bellow). Chimarrao is a typical tea-like drink from the state I was born in Brazil. Here in the US, it’s hard to find (only on Brazilian stores in NYC or Chicago and such, and they cost a whole lot more here). But I brought a few bags of the herb with me ;)
  3. I tend to write too much backstory at the beginning. I ALWAYS have to fix this in revisions.
  4. If I don’t pay attention to characters personality, I’ll always make my hero very rude to everyone, especially the heroine, because of some element from his past, and the heroine will slowly smooth him out.
  5. I suck at naming organizations or special characters. I want to be creative and change the normal names people use, like Elders or Guardians or Oracle or Brotherhood.
  6. I also suck at naming the actual title of the manuscript. Usually, I start with a name related to the book, then later, much later, I think about the title. For example, when I was writing Sands of Hope, which is set in Egypt, I named it Egypt.
  7. Since taking writing seriously, I wrote 4 novels, plus 5 unfinished ones (two up to 50k words and one up to 35k), 2 novellas and 1 novelette. I queried only one novel so far. I’ve got some requests then personalized rejections … I’m shelving it for now (while planning big revisions) and I’ll re-start one of those unfinished novels ;)


This is Chimarrao (it has a ~ over the second a)


I choose Lauren Garafalo, Lena Corazon, Em (ha! Gotta ya now!), Fabio Bueno, Ryan KingKaren Rought, and , all my friends and mates at the ROW80 challenge, to keep the game alive ;)



12 Responses to The 7 Facts Tag

  • Thanks for the tag! I’ll just redirect you to my (slightly) old post that I did for the 11 questions game:

    One of my best friends lives in Argentina, and when she came here to study abroad for a year (that’s how I met her), she brought this little delight called Mate. I imagine that it’s pretty close to your Chimarrao. It was…the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tried. LOL. I’m not a huge tea drinker, though, so that might explain it. It was very different, but I’m glad I tried it (if only to know to stay away from it in the future!).
    Karen Rought recently posted: Word Wisdom: Phrases I’ve MisinterpretedMy Profile

  • Fascinating information about you. I love naming stuff in a novel, although it can be challenging to stay fresh on that count. The drink looks interesting. Good luck finding it here in the States!
    Julie Glover recently posted: #ROW80: Don’t SuckMy Profile

  • I saw your cup and had a little fit. My boyfriend’s family is Argentinian and introduced me to Mate. Like Karen, I thought it was awful the first time I had it, but it’s definitely a taste that grows on you. I now drink it everyday…usually when I wake up or just before writing. I wonder if the actual Chimarrao and Mate herbs are similar? We purchase it two ways – I found a great dealer on Ebay or we have the Boy’s mother pick it up from the Argentinian bakery in South Florida and mail it to us. (There’s a HUGE Brazilian community in South Florida too. I’ll ask if there’s anyone that ships Chimarrao!)

    Thanks for the tag! It’s awesome to get to know more about you and your writing. And HOLY COW, all those novels. And (I have a lot of ANDS today) ljadlsfja, you’re in Connecticut! Practically right next door. Well at least when I’m in Rhode Island, you’re very close!
    Lauren Garafalo recently posted: Sweet 60s and a ROW80 Check InMy Profile

    • See, it’s a small world after all!
      I would love some cheaper herb to go with my chimarrao. Let me know if you find anything ;)

  • Wonderful answers and I like your rule change! I’ve never had Chimarrao, but I have heard of it (Brazilian exchange student in HS). I’d never seen a picture though. But I have had Mate, like your other followers. I can’t say I remember much what it tasted like (again, HS).

    And in response to one of your facts — I cannot write with music on. At all. It drives me absolutely insane. I guess I have a pretty auditory imagination, but I find it a distraction if I can’t completely imagine scenes I’m writing, which includes sounds. I can, however, write with the dishwasher going in order to create white noise in the background. Or I’ll write early in the morning when the birds right outside are really noisy — they don’t bother me. But music I can’t use.

  • Ack! Tagged?!? No one wants to hear about me… but I’ll see what I can come up with. ;)

    Thanks for the love,
    Rebecca Barray recently posted: ROW80 GoalsMy Profile

  • Okay! Here ya go! Read it!! Ya know, if you want to. ;)
    Rebecca Barray recently posted: Tagged: 7 FactsMy Profile

  • Great facts, Juliana. I’ve never heard of chimarrao before. Is it anything like chai in flavor? I like tea and coffee a great deal, and prefer anything with a hint of cinammon or cardamom.

    It must be the week for revealing facts! I was tagged with a different meme. Fun and a bit different from our regular posts. Have a great back-half to your week!
    Nadja Notariani recently posted: I’ve Been Tagged!My Profile

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