Sunshine Award

My lovely friend Em tagged me for the Sunshine Blog Award on her latest blog post.

I’m required to answer 10 questions, then tag 10 people to answer them too ;)

Here are the questions (and answers):

1) Favourite colour? Black. I think 80% of my clothes and shoes and accessories are black.

2) Favourite animal? Dogs as in pets, horses as in pretty thing to see (and ride!), and dolphins if I had to choose an animal to be.

3) Favourite number? Not sure. Eight, I think.

4) Favourite non-alcoholic drink? Chimarrao. Don’t know what’s that? Click here and see it on another one of my posts.

5) Facebook or Twitter? Twitter is where I spend time with my writer friends, and Facebook is where I connect with my family and friends. Kinda hard to choose from that.

6) My passion? Besides family and friends? Writing and reading …

7) Getting or giving presents? I love getting presents, of course, but I LOVE giving presents too, specially when I know the person getting the gift is gonna love what I have for her/him. Let’s say I’m too generous …

8) Favourite pattern? Hmm, tiger ones? Really, I don’t know the answer to this one.

9) Favourite day of the week? Saturday because I can relax with my family, go to the movies and out for dinner, knowing there’s still the whole Sunday after it lol

10) Favourite flower? Red roses. Cliche, I know, but I love receiving them from my hubby … and he knows that too ;)


The Sunsinhe award goes to my lovely CPs and my awesome NA sisters:

Jani Grey

Tracy Rohlfing

Ladonna Watkins

Jenny Kaczorowski

Victoria Smith

Jaycee DeLorenzo

Bailey Kelsey

Carrie Butler

Summer Lane

L.G. Kelso


If you haven’t yet, you should check my girls out. Go!


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