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This week’s topic:

October!! It is SO fall! How does your writing (place, time, inspiration, etc) change with the seasons?


Short and sweet answer: It doesn’t.

My inspiration, time and place don’t change. Almost never.

The last time my writing place changed was when we moved from Brazil back to the US. And before that my writing space was the same for 3 years.

Here’s how it looks now:

This desk sits on a corner of my bedroom. I started using a bedroom as home office, but, for some reason, the central air doesn’t go to that room and it became impossible to write there in the summer, especially with the sun hitting the window right beside it all day.

So I moved my main desk to the bedroom. I wanted my own office room, but since hubby works away from home and now kid is in kindergarten, the bedroom is only mine during the day. *shrugs*

Anyway, I don’t do anything different for the seasons.

In the winter, I might throw a blanket over my chair, though. LOL

How about you? How does your writing place looks like? Does it change with the seasons?


13 Responses to RTW: Season Writing

  • I must admit that fall is probably my favorite season of the year. But it doesn’t affect when or where I write. It might affect whether I have hot tea or cold tea or if I have candy corn/pumpkins in front of me to snack on (only a few I promise). Inspiration on the other hand is something I’m not sure how to answer. I’m “inspired” year round but I find something magical about the fall. For some reason I tend to churn out more writing than I do normally. Is it fall’s doing? Not sure but it sure seems like it. When we bought our house, close to 5 years ago now I think, I made sure to have my own little writing space. Like you, my central heating and air doesn’t go to my room. So in the winter it’s super cold and in the summer it’s hot. So I totally understand how you feel. I have a wolf blanket I throw on in the winter or even have a heater when it gets really bad. In the summer I like to use a fan. Now that it’s fall the temps are just about right.

  • Like you, the content of my writing isn’t affected by the seasons, but I might relocate to warmer/cooler areas of the house if necessary. Your corner looks very sparse, Juliana–which is a good thing. Fewer distractions! :)
    Colin recently posted: RTW: Seasonal ChangesMy Profile

  • I slack a little during the summer because my kids are home all day and I like to spend time with them. Other than that, nothing changes, although I’ve found I’m especially productive in the fall.
    Melanie recently posted: It Is SO Fall… Or Is It?My Profile

  • I love your desk! I have mine in the living room. I’d love an office but it’s a small one-bedroomed flat we live in. Still, I like having it in the living room because me and the bf will usually have a tv programme or film on in the background and we talk to each other as we write. :) Makes writing nice, noisy, and sociable.

    I usually get the cardigans out for winter when I write too haha. That and a nice, hot mocha to warm me up and give me a bit of energy. Maybe some chocolate chip biscuits too. :)
    Robin Moran recently posted: RTW – Write for the SeasonMy Profile

  • Good grief, your office space is so neat. Mine is in a constant disaster state. Or maybe you neatened it up for the photo? ;-)

  • The biggest thing that changes in the fall is the amount of hot cocoa and coffee I drink (i.e. it increases dramatically, like scary dramatically!).

    I like your little writing corner — you have a nice set up! My husband and I are renovating our home, so I’m trying to get a corner of my own set up for writing/office-y things.
    Nickie Anderson recently posted: Road Trip Wednesday: All the leaves are brown…My Profile

  • My office space is too small to really be used. Instead I write at the kitchen table, the couch, or a coffee shop. I love writing in the fall. :)
    Liz Parker recently posted: RTW: Autumn fallingMy Profile

  • My writing space varies everyday. One of the joys of being a college student. Great post thanks for sharing!
    MsFairyFreak recently posted: YA Highway RTW: The Changing SeasonsMy Profile

  • The weather sometimes affects my writing and inspiration, but mostly it’s the increased hours of darkness in the winter. Bleh. I tend to bundle up a little more–blankets, finger cuffs, and slippers–in the winter. The tricky thing is writing a summer story while it’s nasty and wintery outside. :)
    Jaime recently posted: RTW: To Every Thing There Is a SeasonMy Profile

  • I like your writing space! I’m the opposite, I can’t help but enjoy the sunshine if it’s nice out. If i’m cooped up inside I feel like it’s a crime against mother nature! I need to get out, get some vitamin D, stretch my legs and watch nature all around me! I … sound like a hippie…. gosh.
    Samantha recently posted: RTW: How our writing changes with the seasonsMy Profile

  • My desk is always the same and it doesn’t matter the season. Except the TV is probably on more often during football season. Sometimes I even mute it while writing!
    Alex J. Cavanaugh recently posted: Insecure Writer’s Support Group, Ninja News, Looper Review, and Location ResultsMy Profile

  • I don’t have an office space…I am jealous. I tend t o be very transient, and not because I want to be. Having a three year old, my writing time tends to be dictated by him.
    Rebekah Faubion recently posted: RTW # 150 — There is a season, turn, turn, turnMy Profile

  • I carved out a writing room in the extra bedroom of our house, moving aside other things to make room for a desk and inspirational decor. Soon after, my hubby decided to move his computer desk in too. *sigh* I’m still here alone during the day, so my writing time is mostly mine. It doesn’t change with the seasons, except that I keep a fan in here to use when the weather is really hot. I like your writing nook there, Juliana! It’s definitely neater than mine.
    Julie Glover recently posted: 25 Prefixes You Should KnowMy Profile

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