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This week’s topic:

 What images inspire/ represent your WIP or favorite book?


Hey guys and gals! It’s been a while! I was busy, you know, moving from Brazil to the US, but now I’m here and things are settling down, so I’m able to rejoin the RTW fun ;)

On to the week’s topic.

My problem to this question is that I have no defined WIP at the moment.

I’m revising Destiny Gift, I’m drafting Energy, and my mind wanders off to other nameless two ideas. Yes, you could day Energy is the one I’m writing now, but I only chose it because I needed to get my creative juices flowing since I didn’t write for almost two months (because of the move).

The ideal schedule would be finish revising Destiny Gift, but I thought that writing something new would be more helpful ;)

So, yeah, let’s stay with Energy—by the way, that’s how I’m calling the manuscript since it has no title yet.

Here are the images I like to look through when writing it:

(because we need a hot guy daily dose, right?)


Yeah, Energy is a mix of Mayan stuff and aliens and technology  ;)

And, because I love to bend the rules, I’m adding the song I like to associate my WIP with:

Did you like it? Do my images and song inspire you too?



29 Responses to RTW: My inspiration …

  1. stephanie says:

    I love your inspiration! And I love that you use sound and images to inspire your creativity…especially with something as powerful and primal as energy!

  2. Robin Moran says:

    Love your description for Energy. The WiP sounds fascinating!
    Robin Moran recently posted: RTW – One townMy Profile

  3. Amy Renske says:

    First of all, welcome to your new home! May you find much inspiration and success in your new digs! Interesting mix of art and music, and I think “Energy” is a great title if you choose to stay with that!
    Amy Renske recently posted: Road Trip Wednesday #125!My Profile

  4. Wow. I love all the bows and arrows. This sounds really awesome! Glad your move went all right. Brazil to the US is quite the jump!

  5. Miss Cole says:

    Wow, what an awesome selection! I’m super curious about your story!
    Miss Cole recently posted: RTW – Inspiring Images (With Music!)My Profile

  6. Colin says:

    Mayans, aliens, and technology–wow! That’s quite a mix! Okay, I’m intrigued… :)
    Colin recently posted: RTW: Jpegs that Jiggle the Juices!My Profile

  7. Elodie says:

    Yay, you´re back for RTW! :D Hope the DMV madness is calming down and that you´re settling!
    I love those pictures, especially the 5th one with the temple and the moving sky…very inspiring! (and of course I agree with you: we do need a daily dose of hot guys :D)
    Elodie recently posted: Say Hello to Balzac…My Profile

  8. Do what works best for you, but I definitely want to read Energy some day!
    Alex J. Cavanaugh recently posted: JESTER – A to Z ChallengeMy Profile

  9. Rebecca B says:

    Congrats on your move!
    I love the photos of Mayan pyramids–now I’m intrigued about your WIP.

  10. Melanie says:

    Liked your pics. Like you, I had to have a hot guy dialy dose and I cheated with a song!

  11. Susan says:

    Cool images! From the pictures it looks like “Energy” is not a half-bad title, actually. And thank you for the daily dose of hotness ;)
    Susan recently posted: Introspective StupidityMy Profile

  12. Those images certainly do convey a sense of energy and power! Nice pictures and inspiration.
    Angelica R. Jackson recently posted: RTW: Photo Essay QuestionMy Profile

  13. Carissa says:

    Wow what powerful images! I’ve always been enthralled by Mayan history and culture. One of my favorite trips was to Tikal.

  14. Eve says:

    First I love the song, they are my favorite band (seeing them for 3rd time in May). The pictures are so cool, I loved Atlantas just re-watched it a month or so ago hehe. Good luck with the writing/revising and everything.
    Eve recently posted: Everlasting (Kissed by an Angel #5)- Elizabeth ChandlerMy Profile

  15. Ooh cool photos. Love the Mayan sci-fi blend.

  16. Kelley Lynn says:

    Those bows on fire are AWESOME!

    And I love that song. Gosh, when that album came out I must have listened to that song at least five times in a row before listening to any other ;) haha
    Kelley Lynn recently posted: I LOVE You Guys! The Updated QueryMy Profile

  17. Dude. Those pics are AWESOME! I am so curious! Love, LOVE the one with the laser bow.

  18. Karen Rought says:

    I’m inspired! Those images are beautiful and the basic content of the book (Mayans, aliens, and technology) sounds really, really interesting!
    Karen Rought recently posted: Rising Stars: George WatskyMy Profile

  19. I have to laugh, seeing your post! I just finished my post for Sunday’s ROW80 check-in and I featured what inspired me and asked others what hooked them this week!
    We must be on the same wavelength. Ha.

    Very fantastical images, Juliana. I posted a song, too. I’ll have to go in and link to your post since we’re talking on the same topic this week! Have a great weekend!
    Nadja Notariani recently posted: I’ve Been Tagged!My Profile

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