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This week’s topic:

If you couldn’t use your own name, what would your pseudonym or penname be?

My real name is Juliana Grutzmacher Haygert Molina (here in Brazil we use two last names, then three when you’re married—it’s the law, what can I do?), but, for styling purpose, I decided to drop Grutzmacher and Molina and go with only Juliana Haygert.

Since Grutzmacher is too complicated, I dropped it at once. Actually, I rarely use it nowadays, only when I have to fill government forms and such lol

I could have gone with Juliana Molina, but I think Haygert is fancier than Molina, at least here in Brazil (my husband, from whom I got Molina, doesn’t think so lol). 

However, if I had to chose a real pseudonym, I would try to pick some really, really catchy, like Dark, Night, Knight, Star, Black, Silver …

Oh, I know, TWILIGHT SPARKLE from My Little Pony! (Come on, I have a 4yo daughter. Of course, I know the names of the ponies … Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna).

Hehehe, I’m kidding. About Twilight Sparkle.

But I would choose something cheesy like Julie Dark, or Julie Night. More important than cheesy, it’s easy to remember, it’s catchy ;)


What do you think?

And you? What pseudonym would you chose if you couldn’t use your own name?


33 Responses to RTW: It’s secret …

  • Love it, I think Twinkle Sparkle is great ;) hehe
    I’ve never really considered what name I would use if I couldn’t use my own, sure I’ve done some of those silly ‘get your star wars name’ etc things online but choosing a name myself – damn it was hard enough naming my children! lol
    I guess if I hadn’t given the name to my daughter I would probably use Alison, or Mercedes (her middle name) but I think overall something easy to remember would be best but Sharon (while easy to remember) sounds a bit boring and bland (I hate my name) maybe my middle name – Louise would be better? okay, Louise Storm how does that sound? :)
    Sharon Howard recently posted: ROW80 2012 – The first one from my Office!My Profile

  • I don’t know, I think Juliana Molina rolls off the tongue quite elegantly. It’s got a good rhythm to it. At least you aren’t writing horror–Twilight Sparkle would be an interesting pseudonym for a horror writer. :)
    Colin recently posted: RTW: The Name GameMy Profile

  • I love Twinkle Sparkle. Funny, I was just trying to come up with another pen name in case I decided to write a different genre. I haven’t come up with one yet. Not sure I’ll do it anyway. Now that my books are out I kinda need to stick with what I have.
    Ciara Knight recently posted: Lisa’s World of BooksMy Profile

    • If I ever write another genre, I’ll try to keep the same name. I think readers are smart enough to find out the genre of the book they’re picking up.

  • You’re right, some author names are more catchy and easy to remember. Not sure, but I heard Dean Koontz changed his pen name many times…I think he picked well on that last one…catchy and easy to remember. (plus he’d be situated close to King, in the same genre)
    Jennifer Hoffine recently posted: Road Trip Wednesday- What’s in a name?My Profile

  • Oh, I remember the My Little Pony days. My daughter must have brushed those manes with miniature pink combs a thousand times at least! It was a big day when, about six years ago, my daughter and I boxed all those little ponies up and handed them down to the neighbor’s little girl. Thanks for the memories! I think Juliana Haygert is quite beautiful and catchy — a lovely choice.
    Amy Renske recently posted: What’s in a Name?My Profile

  • I like Juliana Molina, it’s nice and elegant, and Haygert too. However, I think Juliana Dark would be wickedly awesome.

    ps Never knew in Brazil you use three names!!! My family is originally from Puerto Rico, so they use both mom and dad’s surnames, I would die if I had to write three surnames for government papers LOL
    Marilyn Almodóvar (@LynAlmodovar) recently posted: YA Highway, What’s in a name?My Profile

    • The law changed about 10 years ago. Usually, when a woman got married, she could drop one of the other surnames. But now you have to keep the three of them! It’s insane! lol

  • Molina is nice, but I do think Haygert is really unique without being difficult to spell.
    So, Twilight Sparkle Haygert it is!
    katharine owens recently posted: RTW: A rose by any other name smells weirdMy Profile

  • Twinkle Sparkle is awesome! I also like Juliana Haygert. I’ve never heard that last name before actually. I went to school with several Molina’s. I like names that are unique.
    Theresa recently posted: RTW: Penname?My Profile

  • I love strong last names like Night. My BFF’s last name is Steele. I tell her she can NEVER change it.
    Athena Franco recently posted: YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday #113: What’s in a Name?My Profile

  • LOL yeah a name that is catchy and easy to pronounce is key so that when people are saying, “hey did you see that book by…” you don’t want them to have to stumble too much with your name.

  • I write under my own name, but if I were to use a pen name it would be “Alice Hitchcock”– which is what a patient at the psychiatric hospital calls me. I have NO IDEA why she thinks my name is Alice (I can hear her now, screaming in her room “MISS ALICE!!!”), but “Hitchcock” must have somehow morphed from “Hunter.”

    Alice Hitchcock… pretty damn intriguing, if you ask me.

  • My little pony names :) All writers should select their titles based upon their favorite childhood toys.
    kate scott recently posted: RTW – Pennames, and the people who steel themMy Profile

  • You should totally go with Pinkie Pie. Just sayin’… I like the name you chose to use, it’s very pretty =)
    Jaime recently posted: RTW: Nom de PlumeMy Profile

  • Your name combined with all those surnames are quite a mouthful. Mine combined are 8 letters. That’s it, I was one of the lucky ones. The names you mentioned are pretty catchy, and I think it would fit you wonderfully.
    Jani recently posted: RTW: What’s in a NameMy Profile

  • Yay for Twilight Sparkle!!! :-)
    Your name is very pretty…I don´t know what I´ll do about my married name yet it´s kinda of your Grutzmacher (just Russian sounding :-))
    commutinggirl recently posted: Pssshhhh…Top secret :-)My Profile

  • I really like the name you decided on. You certainly had a lot of names to choose from! I have no idea what I’d pick if I couldn’t use my real name. So I blogged about why I like and would use my real name.

    Of course, if I absolutely HAD to choose something other than my own name, I’d pick a long, odd, old-fahioned-sounding name like my MC Lividia Blackwell.
    Donelle Lacy recently posted: Roadtrip: You? Who ARE You?My Profile

  • Haha, if you went with Molina I’d only ever be able to think of Alfred Molina (you know, the guy who play Doc Oc in Spiderman). That’s really interesting to me about the last name laws in Brazil…I’m glad we don’t have that here. I would never be able to remember all of my friends’ names!

    I think Julia Night would be pretty–who cares if it’s a little cheesy, it’s way easy to remember :)
    Arianna Sterling recently posted: RTW: PseudonymsMy Profile

  • I think your real name is beautiful and interesting :) Maybe you could pull a Rowling and go with T.S. Haygert. Then you could always think of yourself as Twilight Sparkle, but keep everyone else guessing ;)

  • Not sure. Maybe something shorter? My full name barely fits on most forms.
    Haygert was a good choice. If you’d gone with Molina, then both your first and last names would end in ‘a.’
    Alex J. Cavanaugh recently posted: The Best of the Best and the RestMy Profile

  • LOVE the my little pony name. With a 3yo daughter am right there with you!
    I think your name is lovely. A little mysterious and ‘sounds’ nice in my head.

  • haha, I couldn’t help but laugh at the T.S. Haygert comment above :-) … I agree with others that Juliana Haygert is a beautiful name! But I also think you’re onto something with the my Little Pony thing. Like, Celestia Haygert or something would be cool!

  • LOL. That was great. Hmm. I’m not sure what name I’d go by. That’s a toughie.
    Ryan King recently posted: ROW80 Check-inMy Profile

  • I think you chose well! Even though my real name isn’t very interesting or shiny I like it anyways. But I tried to come up with a pseudonym (while whining about it)
    Cassi Haggard recently posted: RTW: Pseudonym? (With poll!)My Profile

  • Haha, my twin nieces say that their secret names are Pinkie Pie and Scootaloo!

    I think Juliana Haygert is a nice as is, but if you wanted to really go for the night time/celestial vibe, you could do Juliana Supernova or Juliana Quasar ;)

    I couldn’t really come up with a good response for this week’s RTW, so I’ll just co-opt Fluttershy. That will be my pseudonym, lol.
    Crystal Schubert recently posted: In Which YA Highway Makes Me Start Planning my Next VacationMy Profile

  • Love this post!! What FUN!
    My Mom is from the Dominican Republic and they do the same thing with names. I always thought it was sooo much more romantic than our plain old boring ones here.
    And I love Twilight Sparkle or Julie Night – tres cool!
    Me…hmmm…I don’t know!! I always thought of a simple variation of my own name to make it easier to remember and catchier like: Nat Heart
    Natalie Hartford recently posted: ROW80 – Round 1 – Check-in #3My Profile

  • I’d use all of your names, They just roll off your tongue! and people can say “I want the book by that girl with all the names! (Just kidding)

  • I still love My Little Pony. I think your name is good. I would have probably picked Haygert too.

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