#ROW80 Round 03 of 2012 – Goals

Hello friends!

Tomorrow starts another round of ROW80!

Don’t know what ROW80 is? What a shame! No worries, I’ll gladly tell you about it. ROW80 is a challenge for people who knows life happens and sometimes screw your writing time … it’s also for people who can’t compromise to insane challenges like NaNoWriMo and JuNoWriMo because they simply don’t have enough time to write. Check the website for more info. But I encourage anyone, any writer to join. I’ve met some great writers through ROW80 and I’m happy to call them my friends ;)

Now, on to my goals for this round …

Before, I used to set up goals that extended for the 80 days of this challenge. This time,  I’ll do things different. I’ll set up weekly goals and state them on the previous check-ins.

For example, right now I’m going to state the goals for this first week. Sunday, during the check-in, I’ll account for what I achieved or not from those goals, and state the ones for the coming week.

I think this way will be easier to keep up with now that I’ll be working with my lovely editor and she might send edits over at any point and expect them soon. That means I’ll drop whatever I’ll be doing—writing, revising another book, critiquing CPs’ manuscripts—to do what the editor asks of me, return it to her, then proceed with what I had planned.

So, for this week: (note that this week my cousin is in town and staying with us, and that means not much will be done!)

  1. Write: Not sure how much I’ll be able to accomplish with my cousin here and with a holiday, but I’ll try to write every weekday!
  2. FastDraft starts Friday (7th) but I’m sure I’ll only be able to join the ranks on July 10th, after my cousin is gone.
  3. Read: Finish the book I’m reading and start another.
  4. Social media: blog at least once (besides check-in), and hop on Twitter a couple of times each day.
  5. Exercise: twice at least (Tuesday and Thursday)

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to check the other ROWers!


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