#ROW80 last check-in of round 03 of 2012

Hello friends! It’s ROW80 update time. The last update of the round. This post was supposed to go up on Thursday (or Wednesday?), but I had one too many posts scheduled for this week, so this is going up today, Sunday.

By the way, if ROW80 sounds like something you would like (I know you would like it), check the website—the next round starts October 1st! You can sign up here for it.

My goals for the last week and how it went:

  1. Writing: revise the novella (HAHP). There was no school Monday and Tuesday so my daughter stayed home, which means I got nothing done. Then, the other days, I did revise HAHP and worked on my CP’s manuscript.
  2. Reading: finish book #53, read book #54, read a prologue from a friend, and at least half of a friend’s ms (I have to critique it too). I’ve read book #53, book #54, read the prologues and critiqued half my CP’s manuscript.
  3. Social media: blog at least twice and hop on Twitter from time to time. Done.
  4. Exercise: 4x at least. Six times.


ROUND 03 (July 2nd to Sept 20th) achievements and thoughts:

I feel like I didn’t do much, but I know I did. It just seems that, if I don’t add words and finish manuscripts, it really isn’t progress …

– I revised a novelette and send it out for a publisher.

– I got two publishing contracts—a novelette out in Dec, and a novel out in August.

– I wrote a short story that is up online for a very awesome contest. Winners will be announced next month.

– I revised an entire manuscript, then decided to shelf it for a bit. I realized I need to rewrite the whole thing but I need some time from it first.

– I revised half of another manuscript and sent it out for the first critique. Got it back two days ago and I’m still disgusting all comments. Quite a bit …

– I revised a novella.

– Worked on pre-edits of the novelette with my editor (the one that will be out in December), and received last night the next edits.

All I see is revising and gosh do I hate revising! But it’s a necessary evil. I wish I learned how to like it, at least a tiny bit, so it would be easier on me. Perhaps with time and practice … One can only hope ;)

Overall, a good round.

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Have a great week, everyone!


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