#ROW80 Checkin 09/16

Hello friends! It’s ROW80 update time. I think this the last update before the round ends and we share our how-we-did-overall posts. By the way, if ROW80 sounds like something you would like (I know you would like it), check the website—the next round starts October 1st!

So, remember my “amazing news” I mentioned last week? I blogged about it on Wed. You can read about it here ;)

My goals for last week and how it went:

  1. Writing: actually revising. Send my ms for first critique until Friday (but I hope to get it out the door by Wed). And I need to start working on the “amazing news” too. Monday I worked on the ms, then sent it for the first critique on Tues, actually. On Tues, I did the homework for my workshop, then broke a novella down in scenes to analyze them. Wed and Thu: pre-edits of the HHSW novelette. Sent the pre-edits back on Thu. Fri: re-read through a novella, analyzing if I could fix it, or edit it …
  2. Reading: finish book #51, read book #52. Done. And I’m halfway through book #53.
  3. Social media: blog at least twice and hop on Twitter from time to time. Done.
  4. Exercise: 3x at least. 6 times!!

My goals for next week:

  1. Writing: revise the novella (HAHP).
  2. Reading: finish book #53, read book #54, read a prologue from a friend, and at least half of a friend’s ms (I have to critique it too).
  3. Social media: blog at least twice and hop on Twitter from time to time.
  4. Exercise: 4x at least.

That’s it for now.

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Have a great week, everyone!


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