#ROW80 check-in 09/09

Hello friends! It’s ROW80 update time.

My goals for last week and how it went:

  1. Writing: revising Amber Energy. Giving myself until Sept 15th. I’m being bad with this. Yes, I’m revising and adding more words (cause I can’t revise without upping the word count). I added 2000 words Tues, and 3000 Wed. And on Thurs I broke the manuscript down scene by scene and analyzed each scene, focusing on important element and keys, if I was missing any or presenting them too late or too soon. Complex work, but I like doing this. On Fri, I employed all I had done on Thurs (switching scenes order and adding/cutting scenes, etc).
  2. Reading: finish book #51. Again, I got to 40% of a book and gave up. It’s frustrating! Now I’m 21% into another one but I think I’ll finish this since it’s great so far …
  3. Social media: blog at least twice and hop on Twitter from time to time. Done.
  4. Exercise: 3x at least. Four. Monday was a holiday and I had plans to go, but woke up with a headache and couldn’t =(

It was a good week, I think. BUT my mind keeps wandering to other projects. Several other projects. I want to work on several projects at once and I’m sure it won’t work out nicely if I try it. First, because it’ll take longer to finish one thing, second, because it’ll give room for more distraction or down time while switching from one to another.

On the bright side, Friday night I received some amazing news … I’ll probably be able to share more on that some time this week. And, with that news, came more work. Stay tuned because there’ll probably be a post this week about it ;)

Moving on … my goals for next week:

  1. Writing: actually revising. Send my ms for first critique until Friday (but I hope to get it out the door by Wed). And I need to start working on the “amazing news” too.
  2. Reading: finish book #51, read book #52.
  3. Social media: blog at least twice and hop on Twitter from time to time.
  4. Exercise: 3x at least.

That’s it for now.

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Have a great week, everyone!


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