#ROW80 Check-in 12/16

Hey friends! Welcome to my weekly ROW80 update!

Here are my goals for the past week and how it went:

  • Writing: just keep writing. Honestly, I don’t remember this week all that well. I remember critiquing a lot, then running around with interviews I needed to answer, guest posts I needed to write … I also got edits back from the novella that comes out in Feb and worked on that. Plus, everyone knows what happened on Friday and I just couldn’t get myself to focus on anything else that day.
  • Reading: finish book #76 of the year, and finish critiquing CP’s manuscript. I read book #76, finished the CP’s manuscript, critiqued 65 pages of another CP’s ms, and 3000 words of another CP’s scenes.
  • Social media:  try to be present, but not too much. Same old, same old. The twitter Siren call is too alluring ;)
  • Exercising: at least 4x. Five times.

When I saw the news about the Newtown shooting, I was at the gym. The TV close to me flashed the words: shooting at elementary school in Connecticut. You guys. I had a heart attack. Not really, but I’m sure it was close. Until I was able to hold my cell phone still and search for the news on the web and find out it wasn’t my daughter school, I was freaking out. Still, Newtown is only 30 minutes from here. And it was schocking. Completely shocking. I didn’t relax until my daughter got home. And I cried tons. I just couldn’t stop, thinking about my daughter and about all the parents that would have to go to bed that night (if they were able to sleep) without their children. I went to bed crying. And my daughter slept between her daddy and me that night. It was a terrible night—she moves too much, and kicks and steal the comforter—but I wouldn’t change that for the world. Right now, my eyes are teary, remembering about that awful day.

Then, on Saturday, the day was a bit better. My daughter had ballet class in the morning, a birthday party at noon, then we went to NYC to watch American Ballet Theater’s The Nutcracker!  And I got to see Paloma Herrera dancing! It was gorgeous!



Sadly, this is my last update of the round (though it’s only a few days earlier than the official last one), because on Monday I’ll spend the day out of town, and my brother is arriving on Tuesday, which means I’ll be round and about with him until he leaves, after New Year ;)

But I’ll be back for the next round for sure!

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