#ROW80 Check-in 12/08

Hey friends! Welcome to my weekly ROW80 update!

Here are my goals for the past week and how it went:

  • Writing: just keep writing. I want to finish this novella I’m writing before my brother and his family arrive (Dec 18th). Well, this week was different. Again. I got the final pass on the galleys of my novelette (out 12.12.12!) and I had a lot of emailing, organizing to do. The NA Alley account was also my responsibility this week, right when we had (are having) a big event with Entangled Publishing. So I spent a lot of time answering emails. A LOT. More on this below.
  • Reading: finish book #74 of the year, and critique CP’s manuscript. Read book #74 and #75 and I’m almost done with CP’s manuscript.
  • Social media:  try to be present, but not too much. Bleh. This one is really hard.
  • Exercising: at least 4x. Five times.
Now with the release of my first book right around the corner, I feel the craziness of review hunting, and worrying about sales, and omg nobody added my book on goodreads, and answering 300 emails about all the things. It’s crazy, let me tell you. Looking back this week, I feel like I’ve done nothing, but I know I did. I barely had time to breathe. I ate my lunch always late, because I was working on something that needed attention asap.
Honestly, I hope this craziness passes soon. My main focus is to write and that’s the thing I want to do most of my time. Not answering emails, not reading all the blogs on writing around the web, not hunting reviewers and praying they will take my book (and like it). I can easily see myself going crazy like this.
Once things settle down over here (meaning, after my brother and his family are gone—Dec 2nd), I’ll enforce a new routine, with rigid times and to-do lists and internet blockage. Oh, I will. Cause I have 300 books I want to write RIGHT NOW and if I spend time blogging, tweeting, emailing, etc, I won’t get them done. And I want to.
Speaking of my book, I’m organizing a Release Day Blitz. If you want to help me, you can go to this post and leave your email address on the comments. I’ll send you an email with all the info about my book and me, and then you blog about it on Wed (12.12.12). It would make me super happy ;)

My goals for next week:

  • Writing: just keep writing.
  • Reading: finish book #76 of the year, and finish critiquing CP’s manuscript.
  • Social media:  try to be present, but not too much.
  • Exercising: at least 4x.

There’s my book release on the 12th, we’re going to NYC to see ABT’s The Nutcracker on the 15th, then we’re going to Hartford to renew our passports on the 17th, and my brother is coming on the 18th … which means this next week will be ready getting ready for all that. I hope I can squeeze some writing in there.

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