#ROW80 check-in 11/11

Hey friends! Welcome to my weekly ROW80 update!

Here is my goals for the past week and how it went:

  • Writing: Just keep writing. It’s time to catch up with NaNo. That went very well on Monday – I wrote over 6k words. Tues, my kid didn’t have school, so no writing. And then my NaNo plans fell apart (explanation bellow). Wed and Thur, I worked on pre-edits (of the manuscript I’ll mention bellow). Fri, I wrote around 2k words.
  • Reading: read book #67 of the year. I did read #67, but I confess I skimmed a lot because I wasn’t happy with the writing … and I read two short books, #68 and #69.
  • Social media: I want to spend LESS time on twitter and blogging—so I can get more writing done! Meh. I blogged a lot, but most were blog posts sent to me, I just had to format them. And I’ve been on and off twitter.
  • Exercising: at least 2x. My doctor said I shouldn’t exercise for a whole week after the surgery, which means I shouldn’t exercise once this week … I wanted to go, but didn’t feel good enough. My jaw and teeth (or lack of) still hurt and I can’t imagine lifting weight and running around like this. Damn my dentist for being right …

So, why my NaNo project fell apart? See, I wrote a novella last year about Valentine’s Day and shelved it. Later this year, I kept thinking about it, that I should submit to small presses and try to publish it. So I did. But then later, a sudden will to transform it into a novel hit (a total rewrite …) and I emailed the publisher with my manuscript and asked to get out of the submission queue (and I was told I was out of the queue). Then I lunged into the rewrites of that novella, turning it into a novel, during this NaNo … on Tuesday night, I got an email with a contract offer on the novella. See, the novella is great, I just would add length and one more subplot (to explain the new length). The story would be basically the same. So … I accepted the offer (here’s the announcement post) and was left without a WIP for NaNo!

While working on pre-edits on Wed and Thu, I thought about what to write next. It can be a problem when you have too many ideas. After much thought, I chose a WIP and worked on it on Fri. Though, right now, I’m not sure I’ll meet the 50k words for NaNo, especially since I’ll be visiting friends during Thanksgiving week … so, yeah, that leaves me 10 weekdays to write about 50k words. So not happening. But, this is my job and I will write anyway, right? So, let’s count the words and see how it goes …

My goals for next week:

  • Writing: Just keep writing.
  • Reading: read book #70 of the year. This challenge began with 52 books (1 per week) and I increased as I went. It’s sitting on 70 right now, but I won’t change.
  • Social media: I want to spend LESS time on twitter and blogging—so I can get more writing done!
  • Exercising: at least 4x.

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How was your week?


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