#ROW80 check-in 11/04

Hey friends! Welcome to my weekly ROW80 update!

Here is my goals for the past week and how it went:

  • Avoid hurricane! It came, it was a mess, but we are safe and sound. The only major thing here was the loss of power. We saw lots of fallen trees around our neighborhood, but thankfully none fell on our house. I confess the force of the winds scared me a bit, but I soon realized the house would stay up lol
  • Writing: Just keep writing. We lost power Monday afternoon and got it back Friday evening, kid didn’t have school all weekend, and I had my 4 wisdom teeth extracted on Fri morning. Writing? What’s that?
  • Reading: read book #65 of the year. Read book #65 and #66. If hubby and daughter didn’t ask me to join at each game they invented to pass their time, and if I hadn’t gotten so dizzy and sleepy after the surgery, I would have read one more.
  • Social media: I want to spend LESS time on twitter and blogging—so I can get more writing done! Ha, haven’t done a thing the whole week. Even with internet on my phone, I tried saving its batteries.
  • Exercising: at least 3x. Big fat zero. The gym was closed for 3 days, then there was my surgery …

Well, what did I expect? To write and exercise after a hurricane and a surgery? Really? Sometimes I expect too much of me, and I’m always disappointed when I can’t deliver. Anyway, nothing I can do about it now.


My goals for next week:

  • Writing: Just keep writing. It’s time to catch up with NaNo.
  • Reading: read book #67 of the year.
  • Social media: I want to spend LESS time on twitter and blogging—so I can get more writing done!
  • Exercising: at least 2x. My doctor said I shouldn’t exercise for a whole week after the surgery, which means I shouldn’t exercise once this week …

The problem with this week will be Tuesday—because of elections, school is closed which means kiddo will stay home and I won’t get anything done. Let’s hope I can catch up with NaNo in only 4 days (I should have 15k words by Fri to be on top of it).


On my blogs this week:


Don’t forget to check out how the other ROWers are doing! Have a great week!


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