#ROW80 Check-in 10/07

Hello friends! First check-in of round 4!

Last week goals and how they went:

  • Writing: work on DESTINY GIFT pre-edits. The deadline is Nov 20, but I want to send it to my editor at least a month earlier since I have too much on my plate … also, HHSW next set of edits should drop in at anytime and those need to be work on asap. I had two rounds of HHSW editing this week. Worked a bit on DG pre-edits.
  • Reading: read book #56 of the year and finish critiquing my CP’s manuscript. I’ve read book #56, #57, and I’ve also read two short stories (a little less than 8k words each).
  • Social media: I want to spend LESS time on twitter and blogging—so I can get more writing done! I still spend a lot time on twitter. Bad me.
  • Exercising: at least 4x. Six times.

The girls of NA Alley and I have some great news coming up. All I have to say it that New Adult is happening, even if most agents don’t want to see it. If you want to be informed about New Adult, you should follow NA Alley. Besides having posts about writing an industry, we have contests and features of authors that write NA, with giveaways. We’ll also start a monthly post with news of what happened on the NA side during that month, because a lot has been happening and we want people to KNOW!

Anyway, here are my next week goals:

  • Writing: finish pre-edits on DG, and start new WIP, which is called BREAKING THE REINS (BtR). And edit when the next set of HHSW edits come to me.
  • Reading: read book #58 of the year.
  • Social media: I want to spend LESS time on twitter and blogging—so I can get more writing done!
  • Exercising: at least 4x.

ROW80 pal Jenny Hansen is organizing a FastDraft group again and they started this past Friday. I hope to join them at some point this week  since I’ll be rafting BtR. I want to draft this pretty quickly, even though I know I’ll be interrupted by edits.

Interesting posts on my blogs during this week:

Promo of FLIGHT by Alyssa Rose Ivy.

Cover reveal of THE FAERIE GUARDIAN by Rachel Morgan.

Talking Tropes at NA Alley.

Announcement of Entangled Publishing New Adult line at NA Alley.


Want to check out how the other ROWers are doing? You can find the linky here.

Have a great week, everyone!


13 Responses to #ROW80 Check-in 10/07

  • Sounds like it is full steam ahead over with you!! I am jealous of how much you are managing to read…I don’t know where my reading time has gone! October is going to fly by with everything you have got going on and then before we know it NaNo will be upon us. You are doing great and have an amazing week! ps. Good luck with the less twitter goal….it is just so addictive!
    Em recently posted: ROW80 Check-in 7th October 2012My Profile

  • Thanks for the reference to NA Alley. I’ve just followed. I’m very interested in this New Adult movement. In fact, I’m wondering if my upcoming release Queen Witch could be called New Adult. I’ve been having trouble with where it fits.

    Great progress — good luck with fast draft!
    J.R. Pearse Nelson recently posted: Sunday Update: Beta Readers, Attack!My Profile

  • Congrats on a productive week – you’re doing great! Keep up the good work, and good luck on your edits and limiting your Twitter time. :)
    Jennette Marie Powell recently posted: ROW80: Great Week!My Profile

  • What a fabulous first week, Juliana. Full steam ahead, I love it. NA is happening, exciting times for you and the whole NA Alley bunch. I’m curious about the news, I’m going to have to check that out. I wonder how many books I’ve read so far this year??? I’m going to have to check that out too. I’ve always been a daily reader, some days more than others, but I find my writing and creative mind are in better shape when I’m reading more. Do you find that to be true too? Hope you have a great week.

  • Two words – Twitter Diet. During the week I never allow myself more than 20 minutes on Twitter a couple of times a day. Yes, it stings at first, but when you know you only have a brief amount of time you’ll find that you use it better.
    Excellent goals and amazing progress as always, Juliana. Looking forward to seeing you in Jen’s FastDraft. Have a fantastic week :)
    Gene Lempp recently posted: ROWing through Autumn LeavesMy Profile

  • You still get done a lot more than I do in a month! (Except the exercising – I do keep up with that.)
    Alex J. Cavanaugh recently posted: IWSG Help Needed, Ninja News, Rachel Morgan’s Faerie Guardian, Guitar Playing Ninja, and Horror Movie Trivia!My Profile

  • Wow,Juliana, I’m very glad I don’t compare myself to you! You rock the goals, girl! I have the same problem with social media. I get lonely writing, and fall far too easily into FB or Twitter. I like Gene’s idea of the diet–I may steal that!

    I’m very intrigued with the idea of NA literature, Juliana. I will be following with great interest.
    Elizabeth Anne Mitchell recently posted: Lessons Learned and Au revoir, New YorkMy Profile

  • I’m seeing some NA stuff out there now, so I think it’s catching hold! You are doing fabulous with your goals. Keep going! You are inspiring me!
    Julie Glover recently posted: Letters to My TV Shows and #ROW80My Profile

  • You’re rocking it out! Don’t worry about the social media. You may have spent a lot of time in that area but you still managed to get a lot done with everything else. I’d say you did rather well. Good luck with your goals this week and I hope you can churn out that Fast Draft like lightning :)
    Ryan King recently posted: ROW80 Check-in – Day 7My Profile

  • Juliana, I have a special request for you. I provide resources and coaching for writers. I am writing a post on sidebars that hold a wealth of information, are well laid out and are treasure troves for visitors. The post will come out in January. May I please take a screen shot of a small part of your sidebar, link back to you and send people over to be inspired? An email back with your permission would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers and congratulations on your gorgeous blog.
    Cate Russell-Cole recently posted: Breast Cancer Awareness MonthMy Profile

  • You had a great first week, good for you! And I do believe NA is happening, even if as you mention a lot of agents seem to dismiss it. Hope you have a good writing week, keep up the good work!
    EM Castellan recently posted: ROW80 Check-In 1: Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of WritingMy Profile

  • Wow, Juliana, great success on your writing! And thanks for introducing me to NA lit. I hadn’t heard of that genre and I think it sounds really cool. I will definitely be checking out more about NA Ally!

    Good luck on all your projects this week!
    Jess Witkins recently posted: The Scarlet Letter: Not Just About the Bath Tub and EmbroideryMy Profile

  • Sounds like you’re doing great, Juliana! And I echo everyone else–I hadn’t heard of NA lit, but I will be looking forward to learning more about the genre (and reading your book when it comes out!).

    Hope you’re having a great week!
    Lena Corazon recently posted: ROW80: Fleet Week and Fairs and Other Exciting ThingsMy Profile

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