#ROW80 and NTS Check-in 06/10

Hello friends!

This week wasn’t that great. I even blogged about Being Productive, though my reasons for not being productive (this week) were out of my control.

Oh, and I finally succumbed to Pinterest. Great way to compose storyboards and get more inspired.

Okay, on with the show. Here are my goals and how I’m doing:

  • Organize my new home and my new schedule. Done.
  • Once my life is normal again (or almost), find a gym and exercise 3 times per week. Twice only. Because of my migraines, I need to change my cardio classes to something else, but don’t know what yet, and because I prefer classes than just going to the gym and lifting weight and running on the treadmill, I have to find a class that I like during a time I can go …
  • Participate on Crafting the Sensual Novella Workshop from April 9th to May 6th. Done.
  • Finish revising Re-revise my novel, DESTINY GIFT. I’m revising it. Did a lot this week, but I’m still waiting on some notes to finish it up.
  • Start a new novel and get as far as I can with it. Well, I wrote only about 3500 this week. But, since I’m on FastDraft and JuNoWriMo, that wasn’t enough =(
  • In June, participate of the JuNoWriMo. On it, but way behind …
  • Read 5 books each month (year total = 60). Done.
  • Social network: blog at least once a week (not counting #ROW80 checkins), comment on blogs every other day, and tweet a little everyday. Done.

My daughter went to the new daycare on Thursday, so up until then, I got nothing done, other then play with my princess =) The new daycare seems good enough, not as big and organized as the other one, but good and clean and caring. My daughter seems to like it. Accordingly to the teachers, she’s always happy and smiling and helping. Yeah, she’s very, very sociable. Too much even.

With daughter on daycare again, hopefully, this next week is going to be better and I’ll be able to catch up with JuNoWriMo and FastDraft.

How about you guys? How are y’all doing?

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12 Responses to #ROW80 and NTS Check-in 06/10

  • Disruption of schedule seems to throw all good plans under the bus! This week will be better – more settled – I hope for you all! Glad you found a new daycare/school you like. It’s so hard to select the right match for your child. When my kids were little, they went to a great daycare/preschool in VA called La Petite Academie, and I really loved the teachers and setting.

    Have a great and productive week, Juliana! :}

  • So glad to hear you found another day care and that your daughter seems to like it. I’m sure you’ll make amazing progress this coming week now that situation has been resolved. Hope you have a fabulous week.
    Raelyn Barclay recently posted: Sunday Summary & #ROW80My Profile

  • Sounds like you’ve had a lot going on, Juliana, and I completely empathize. Once things get settled, I’m sure you’ll be back at the writing again.

    Have a great week!
    Lena Corazon recently posted: ROW80: Barely Squeaking ByMy Profile

  • I used to work in one and was great to have the happy well adjusted children there – so glad yours is enjoying the place – always a worry – considering all things you’ve done well and now you will have some more time (until that new batch of cold germs goes around the childcare place:( and you will fly:)
    alberta ross recently posted: Pink moon, sweet blood:alberta’s check inMy Profile

  • Glad you got the daycare sorted! How strange for the other one to just randomly close. If my gran had heard of something like that she’d already be jumping to conclusions and thinking they were up to something. She sees conspiracies and illegal happenings everywhere!

    Good luck with next week!
    Robin Moran recently posted: ROW80 Check In 10/06/2012My Profile

  • I don’t want to gloss over the goals, but I’m mostly happy that you found a new daycare for your daughter. It’s certainly a task to find a place where you and your child are comfortable, and I’m happy that you found a good location for her to be while you’re working. So now…let the real progress begin. Best wishes with JuNoWriMo and Fast Draft!
    Julie Glover recently posted: You’re Not Special and #ROW80My Profile

  • Yes, glad you found daycare and that your daughter is enjoying it!! Yeah too for Pinterest, love your boards!! I’m very curious as to what your word count will be next week!!

  • When my kids get out of school this week I’m going to have to spend some time figuring out a new schedule too. I never get as much done during the summer but that’s okay b/c I’m with my kids!

  • I have a very social daughter, too. She’ll just right in and give hugs to everyone who walks in the door of her daycare. We were so lucky that the home daycare we first chose turned out to be a great place. Glad you were able to find one!

    And good job on reaching some of your goals!
    Jaycee DeLorenzo recently posted: First Fight/First Kiss Blogfest – Day 1My Profile

  • Playing with your daughter sounds great! And now she is settled somewhere hopefully you will slip back into your old writing routine easily. I have total faith in you with JuNoWriMo! You can do it!!
    Em recently posted: ROW80 Check-in 10th June 2012My Profile

  • Thanks, guys, for the support! Things are better now!

  • Synchronizing one’s life with writing does allow us to look at who we are and how we grow. Think that’s one of the greatest strengths of ROW80, and your post is such a lovely illustration of ROW for it demonstrates a complete life over word count totals.

    Good for you. Have a great week.

    KM Huber recently posted: A Resilient LifeMy Profile

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