My Writing Around the Web

Hey guys!

My family and friends always ask where they can read a sample of my writing and such, so, since this time there are a few samples around the web, I decided to share them with you.

Also, I would be very happy if you want to comment/critique/pass along the word and, for figment’s short story, give me some hearts ;)

So, here they are:

The query for my NA Contemporary Fantasy Amber Energy at WriteOnCon Forums: here.

The first five pages of my NA Contemporary Fantasy Amber Energy at WriteOnCon Forums: here.

A short story (4000 words) for a contest with HarperTeen on, called Into the Darkest Fire: here.

For the short story, we’re supposed to put up a cover. Well, they have some mockup covers on Figment and people do their own, but I’m terrible at this (even though I have a BA in Art Studio – Graphic Design), so I asked my NA sister Jaycee DeLorenzo to design a cover for me. I told her it didn’t need to be fancy, but omg, it totally is!

Here is the cover for my short story:

Isn’t it GORGEOUS?! I would take it as the cover of a real novel, not just a short story. I’m super happy with it ;)

I want thank Jaycee for the amazing cover. THANK YOU!

I also want to thank Jani Grey, Ladonna Watkins, Priya Kanaparti and Bailey Kelsey for beta-reading/critiquing the short story. THANK YOU!


Even if you can’t or don’t want or don’t know how to comment and/or critique, I would appreciate if you took the time to read them, after all, as a writer, I write to share my stories ;)



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