My 2012 plan

I thought a lot about writing a 2012 resolutions post, and ended up deciding against it.

What was I going to say? That I wish to get an agent and be published? I’m a writer. That’s a given. Besides, it doesn’t depend only of me. Unfortunately, I can try my best, but if luck isn’t by my side, I won’t go nowhere.

Then I saw a post from my friend Jani at Life Debatable that inspired to write about what I WANT for 2012.


Like Jani, I’ll focus on the word WANT. Also, I’ll cite personal goals along with writing goals.

I want to:

  • Read as many books as last year (60). I wish I could read 60 books per month since there are so many amazing books out there, but that’s impossible. Browsing the web, I saw a challenge to read 100 books in 2012. I wish I could participate on that, but, if I try, I’ll be using my writing time and writing time is precious to me.
  • Be more active on my critique circle. I love my girls and want them to know I’m here for them no matter what ;)
  • Be more active on my blog. You know, I struggle with what to post. I could write about writing, but I don’t feel confident enough to give advice to others about writing. So, what to blog about? Good question. I’ll have to think about that.
  • Be more active on friends’ blog. Read, comment and support more.
  • Write more. Last year, I wrote 2 novels and 2 novellas. I started a bunch (some had up to 40k words before I gave up). Total, I wrote roughly 300k words during 2011. But you see, I write full time (or almost full time since my daughter spends the mornings with me), so I could write more novels. I should write more novels.
  • Organize my thoughts and create a plan of action with my writing. I mean, I have too many ideas and, until I start something, I keep changing my mind on what to work on. So I need to lay out what to write, when and in which order. And stick to it!
  • Learn to love revising and editing. I do revise and edit. A lot. I also have CPs and I’m not ashamed to confess I hired a freelancer editor once to help me figure out how my writing was (btw, I loved working with an editor! I plan to it again). But I don’t like editing. I get frustrated and tend to almost throw my manuscript away lol So I need to be more calm and patient about revising and editing, and just do it!
  • Get at least 2 novels completely ready for submission by July. And submit them.
  • Be less active on twitter. LOL. No, seriously. I love twitter and it’s a problem. I guess many writers went through this. I have to shut it down and just write ;)
  • Exercise more. In 2010, I ruptured two ligaments on my foot, and last year I had another foot/knee problem. So I just started exercising again and I hope I can keep it up this year. Right now, I have pilates classes twice a week. But I plan to go for three classes each week around March.
  • Lose 5 pounds and keep them away! (Hey, I said the list would be personal too.)
  • Go back to US. Yeah, I said it. Actually, my family and I should have gone back to US last year. As we were told, my husband’s transfer should happen before May (I doubt it, but hey, we have to keep hope!).


For now, that’s what I came up with.

I’ll do my best to accomplish all my WANTS ;)


And you? Any resolutions, goals or wishes for 2012?


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