My 2012 In Review

I saw many friends putting together creative posts about how their 2012 went. Well, I’m doing this real quick so it won’t be as colorful and beautiful as my friends’ posts.



So, here’s the highlight of my 2012:

– I moved back to the US—between getting new Visas, packing, coming, organizing new home, it took a LONG time. It was almost 4 months of craziness.

– I met many new writer-friends!

– I got together with my NA sisters and founded NA Alley.

– I participated on all 4 rounds of ROW80.

– I got an R&R.

– I rewrote the first half of a book (around 40k words).

– I wrote a short story (4k words).

– I wrote a novelette (13k words).

– I wrote a novel (62k words).

– I started several projects, wrote between 2k-20k in some, then gave up.

– I got a contract for a novel (then backed away from it. Still, it was an accomplishment).

– I got a contract for a novelette.

– I got a contract for a novella.

– I worked on edits for said novelette and novella.

– I released the novelette.

– And I got several compliments from editors, agents and even a famous author. I have them all saved, and I look at them when I feel discouraged.

– My brother, SIL and niece came to visit us. We went to NYC and Washington together.

– We went to see The Nutcracker by the American Ballet Theater.

– I went back to the gym after so many injures, and I’m very serious about it.


Even with some many ups and downs (of course, I decided to keep the downs away from this list =P) I say it was quite the year.

How was your 2012?



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