Links about Writing – part 2

First, let me give you an advice: if you’re serious about writing and improving your writing, you have to follow Janice Hardy, Jami GoldJody Hedlund, Lydia Sharp and Roni Loren. Their posts are full of awesome about the writing process, revising, the publishing industry and their own experience about it all. Also, I advice you to follow them on twitter (Janice, Jami, Jody, Lydia and Roni) — they are great gals and super fun to hang out with!


Here are more links about writing:


Defining Your Catalyst, Your Inciting Incident, and Your Premise (and how they all work together to create Act One)

What Does Your Body Language Say About You? How To Read Signs and Recognize Gestures

How to Write a Novel: The SnowFlake Method

How To Write Like a Man

If You Build it, They Will Read: Plotting With Layers

Query Me This: How To Write a Query

Love Scenes 101: Don’t Be Corny or Porn-y*

How To Amp Up Sexual Tension In Your Story 

7 Truths about Writers

Facial Expressions

Don’t tell us she’s special. Show us

4 Techniques for Creating Believable Villains

Eight Simple Tips for Editing Your Own Work

Timeless tips that changed my writing forever

We’re Ready for Revision Pre-Flight: Top 10 Self-Editing Tips

Leave the Breadcrumbs Behind: Are You Asking — and Answering — the Right Story Questions?

What Makes A Character Great – Part I

What Makes A Character Great – Part II

Show Don’t Tell

How to Use the “Save the Cat” Beat Sheet for Revisions


Hope it helps!


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