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April 16, 2012 Links 4

In case I ever lose my bookmarks again, I’m doing this link series. This time, it’s inspiration:


Don’t Give Up – Beth Revis

A Remind About What Really Matters – Kristan Hoffman

What If I’m Not As Good As I Think I Am 

True Grit As A Writer – Bob Mayer

Then More Shining Inspirational Exercises

Things I Know

The Self-Sabotaging Writer – Kameron Hurley

What To Look For in 2012, The Year of the Dragon

Why You Are Not Buffy But Can Be Veronica – YA Highway

Twelve Things You Were Not Taught In School About Creative Thinking

Own Your Creative Process 

10 Things I Wish I Would Have Done – Natalie Whipple

Over 214,00o Books Sold In First Year – Theresa Ragan

Writing Advice You’re Never Heard Before – Lauren Oliver

Need A Little Inspiration, I Have Some of That For You – Jani Grey


Hope it helps!



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