Legend of the Guardians in 15 Beats

Sometime ago, I became a huge fan of Save the Cat! by Blake Snyder and his beatsheet method.

While blogging, I can across Laura Pauling’s use of the 15 beats in movies or books she read, and Lydia Sharp‘s post at Writers Unboxed about to benefit from watching TV shows and movies.

That got me thinking I should use the time I spend watching movies with my kid, by having a beatsheet with me and filling in the spaces.

Then, I thought, why not to share my notes?

So here it is. I’ll try to have this as a every-two-weeks feature on the blog, Name of movie or book in 15 Beats, and I hope this helps you too.

Two things to keep in mind: I watch most of these with my kid and that means most of the movies will be kids’ movies and I’m not paying 100% attention to the movie. Second, I’m sorta new to the method and still struggle with the Theme, the All is Lost and Dark Night of the Soul beats. In case you have better suggestions, please do so on the comments. We can discuss the points and, if I end up agreeing with you, I’ll change my beats. Deal?

*Warning: contain SPOILERS!


Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole in 15 Beats

1. Opening Image: Owl family telling stories about the Guardians. Kludd thinks it’s all dumb, while Soren loves the stories and hopes it’s all true.

2. Theme Stated (4.5%): Their parents want them to be prepared for the future.

3. Set-Up (1-9%): Meeting the family, Soren and Kludd learning how to fly, Eglantine’s first pellet.

4. Catalyst (10%): Soren and Kludd flying alone when they shouldn’t—they are taken away by other owls.

5. Debate (10-22.5%): Soren and Kludd are given a choice to turn into soldiers for the Pure Ones.

6. Break Into Two (22.5%): Soren and Gylfie escape from the Pure Ones. Kludd stays and becomes a soldier.

7. B Story (27%): Soren meets Gylfie, Digger, and Twilight, and they become the Band.

8. Fun and Games (27-50%): They find Soren’s nursemaid, a snake called Mrs. Plithiver, they play music, shoo crows and find a porcupine who knows how to find the Gaurdians.

9. Midpoint (50%): Soren and the Band find the real Guardians at Ga’hoole.

10. Bad Guys Close In (50-68%): At the guardians, Allomere doesn’t want to believe Soren about the Pure Ones’ plans. The Pure Ones are planning more attacks.

11. All Is Lost (68%): When some Guardians go spy on the Pure Ones to find out if it’s true, there’s an ambush, and they bring back Eglantine’s (Soren’s younger sister) moonbliked (like in coma).

12. Dark Night of the Soul (68-77%): The Guardians go to battle—another ambush! The Guardians are caught.

13. Break Into Three (77%): Even though they were supposed to stay behind, Soren and the Band go to battle because they know something is wrong.

14: Finale (77-100%): The battle. Confroting the Pure Ones and Kludd. How Soren and his friends save the day.

15. Final Image (100%): At Ga’hoole, Soren’s family is there, and he’s recognized for what he did. Then, he’s telling a story to the young ones about the Guardians.

*Note that the percentages are approximate. 


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