Is It Getting Hot in Here?

I wasn’t going to, but because I admire many of the ladies on this blogfest and know I’ll meet many other awesome writers, I decided to join the Is It Getting Hot In Here? bloghop hosted by Cassie Mae and Hope Roberson ;)

The following scene is from my beloved wip, DESTINY GIFT, a new adult paranormal romance. Here I give you Nadine and Victor:


“Please, get out!” I tried to push him back, but he wouldn’t budge. “Why are you doing this? Please, let me be.” I punched his chest. “I opened up my heart to you, and you shut me out. Please. GET OUT!”

“I won’t!” he yelled. Anger radiated from his eyes. “What do you want me to say?” He paced forward, making me retreat. “Want me to tell you that you get to me? That since the first time I saw you, you affected me?” His voice was high and rough. “That I tried not looking for you every time I felt the pain because I knew I would be weak and would fall for you? Do you realize that all the people I ever loved are now dead?”

He trapped me between the bed and him. His eyes shone, and he gritted his teeth, but he was on a roll. I couldn’t stop him. “Should I tell you that I’m scared of getting close to anyone because they might end up dead? That I’m scared of getting close to you?”

My heart went still. I was sure I had died. What was he saying?

He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulled me up, and covered my mouth with his.

God, I had dreamed of this moment so, so many times. Yet, this Victor wasn’t my Victor, was he? In truth, right at this moment, I didn’t care. All I wanted was to kiss him back.

And I did. His kiss was sweeter than I could have hoped for, his tender lips eagerly moving against mine, his tongue exploring my mouth as if it was a new, rich land to be discovered. One of his hands traveled up my spine until his fingers knotted my hair. The other hand went down, cupping my hips. Oh, and I was all over him too, my hands already under his shirt, exploring his lean, hard muscles.

Gently, Victor pulled my hair back, making me tilt my chin up. Helplessly, I moaned, startled by how avid he was. In my dreams, I had believed he would be gentle and calm. Very different from this Victor. And I loved every second of it.

With his tongue, Victor traced a line down my neck to my collarbone. He bit and pecked it, scorching my skin, using his hands to press me against him. I felt intoxicated by his scent, by his touch, by his breath. I had had time to imagine this, to picture the perfect moment when I would surrender to his charms and make love to him. Yet, this was far more perfect.


*fans self*

I hope you liked it ;)

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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