If my dream came true

Because every writer dreams of not only seeing their books on the shelves everywhere, but also as a movie on every screen around the globe. Isn’t it true? It sure is.

The fabulous ladies Kyra Lennon at Write Here Write Now and Rachel at Writing on the Wall created this bloghop called WIP: The Movie.

Here is what Kyra says: “Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to post a photo of the actors or actresses you would like to play the characters in your WiP if it were to be made into a movie. It can be just one character, or the entire cast! Secondly, we want you to soundtrack your movie! Head over to YouTube, and post a song that best describes one of your characters, or your story as a whole. Again, you can pick one song, or several, it’s entirely up to you!”

My first challenge was to choose between my WIPs.

But it wasn’t a challenge really. I’m super excited about my new idea, my totally pantsed new idea, one that doesn’t have a title yet (I’ll probably come up with one after the first draft is finished), but I know the name of my characters and I love it.


NAYELI — means “I Love You” in Native American

She is 19 and a shaman—shy but powerful.

The first actress who popped on my mind was Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones with her blonde-white hair and leather attire. But, oh well, that image was taken, and I thought of another one: Avril Lavigne.

Despite her messy life, Avril is beautiful and talented. Look at that face. I even played on photoshop and gave her a whitish hair (under 30 secs, guys, don’t look for quality). I guess it doesn’t look that bad. Perhaps a little less white later ;) Or, hum, I could blame the background for not helping too lol

Imagine Nayeli as a regular girl, with jeans and flats, then, during rituals and missions, she wears suede pants and vest and leather boots.

She lives under the shadow of her extroverted and eloquent sister, until *something* happens and she is forced to take action. Ha! Quite a tease, right? *wink, wink*


ALEC — means “Defender of People”

He is 20 and a bounty hunter—loner and quiet.

First, I thought of Jared Leto, Shane West and/or Taylor Kitsch, but they are too old (hot old, yes) to play my character. Then I remember another younger actor but equally handsome: Nathan Keyes.

I found out about Nathan when watching Ben 10 the movie—recognize the car on the pic above? Yes, I’m a 28yo girl who is a fan of Ben 10, especially of Kevin and Gwen (and their “relationship”). Since then, I follow him on Facebook (btw, he links youtube videos of his next series where he appears shirtless!!).

As a great actor, I think we can expect many great things of Nathan in the future.

Anyway, he would be a perfect Alec. Mysterious, with that killer stare and the hint of a smile. Yum!


Aren’t they a GORGEOUS couple? I think they are!


As for the soundtrack. Well, that wasn’t easy. I wanted to find a song with lyrics and by someone famous, but the truth is, I like to dream and write about this wip and let my mind wander through it when I’m listening to songs by Two Step From Hell.

Here are a couple of examples:



Did you like it? Would you watch my movie? lol

How about your WIP’s cast and song?



UPDATE: On Twitter, I told Nathan Keyes that I had chosen him for this bloghop and he RT’d to his followers! Look here! *fans self*

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