Dust It Off Bloghop – Excerpt

Welcome to the Dust It Off Bloghop!

This hop is hosted by Theresa Paolo and Cortney Pearson during three days: May 3rd, 5th and 7th!

The first day, May 3rdPost a 1-2 sentence pitch about the shelved WIP. You can see my post here (and the pics I have in it!).

Today, the second day, May 5th:  Post your favorite excerpt (300-350 words).


I chose SANDS OF HOPE for this hop. It was the very first novel I wrote when I decided to get serious about writing, and I learnt a lot while and after writing it.

The pitch can be found at my Projects page and on the previous post 


And now for the excerpt … Please, keep in mind that English isn’t my first language and that I wasn’t as good at it as I am today. Also, I was a rookie. You’ll see lots of mistakes and things we’re not supposed to do lol

Anyway, it’s from Sethi’s POV:

We remained in the arms of each other while I could still hear the clashing of swords in my back. I was certain the four Medjai and Anhur had the rest of our enemies under control.

Turning my attention to Chloe and Ryan, I stepped away from Shannon and went to thank them for bringing help for us.

But it all changed when Shannon’s feelings altered. She was watching the fight two steps behind me and, within a second, she was terrorized again. Being reeled by her feeling, I turned around and saw whatever was terrifying her. One of the Assyrian men, who was badly hurt, was getting ready to throw the sharp pointed banner-like-spear on her and nobody seemed to have noticed it but her and, now, me.

Besides Shannon’s thoughts of dying, despair took over me. In shock, I looked from the spear to Shannon and could not believe in what was going to happen. Putting my mind to work, I prayed for the gods to make me as fast as a hunting cat or a flying falcon and ran for it.

“We were supposed to bring her alive!” I heard another Assyrian yelling.

I placed my body in front of Shannon’s just in time and, closing my eyes, waited for the end.

I heard everyone around me gasping as the spear should have pierced me.

A few seconds later, I realized the end had not come. Behind me, I could feel Shannon’s hand on my bare back, just where the spear should have pierced through me.

I opened my eyes again and saw everyone gawking at me, even the Assyrian who had thrown the spear. The Medjai and the remaining two enemies were not fighting anymore. They were just staring at me with huge eyes and open mouths.

And that’s when I saw it. The spear was floating just in front of me, with its sharp point standing about half an inch from my chest, right across Shannon’s warm palm. Then I felt it. The power running from her hand, across my chest, to the hovering spear. Shannon had stopped it. Shannon had stopped the spear!


I talk about the bad things of this excerpt on the next blog hop post, in two days. Stay tuned!


While writing it, I remember listening to these two songs often:



I’m aware that, if I decide to invest my time in this WIP, I’ll have to fully rewrite it, but I hope you liked it even so ;)


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